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Your mask is a personal product that is re-usable.

To maintain hygiene within your mask, Respro® have introduced an alcohol free, non-toxic, safe sanitiser. It is a multi-functional neutral pH balance solution that can be used to clean your mask safely and also wipe surfaces to make them germ free. What’s extra cool, is that it is perfect for your travel kit. It is great for cleaning hands or any object you come in contact with. BABY AND TODDLER FRIENDLY AND SAFE TOO!

The atomiser spray is available in a 50ml bottle, perfect to pop in your coat pocket, rucksack or airport security checks. It lasts considerably longer than gels as fewer pumps are needed to get rid of those nasties.

1 x 50ml bottle £4.99
Save £1 when you buy 2 bottles
Save £5 when you buy 5 bottles

Safe for hands and faces.
Safe for our environment, but deadly to all known germs and bacteria.

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  • Fast acting kills on contact
  • Simple pump operation
  • Carry on flight size
  • Product life span 12 months
  • A non-toxic solution
  • Destroys common bacterial and viral matter
  • Easy to use
  • The perfect travel companion
  • Long lasting
  • Toddler and baby safe
  • Sanitising the filter and mask shell
  • Cleaning the contact surface of the Proseal
  • Cleaning your valves
  • Cleaning your hands
  • Cleaning your face
  • Sanitising surfaces
  • Cleaning your teeth
  • (adding little peppermint oil for tasty toothpaste alternative)
  • Perfect for travel and on all mass transit systems, (airplanes, tubes, trains, and buses)

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I commute to work around London on a motorbike.  I almost wish I hadn’t bought one of these filters as now I can see the particles that were once going into my lungs.  Great piece of kit for the motorcyclist commuter as it is light yet functional, fits under the chin section on my flip lid and doesn’t add any time to the morning kit up ritual as it is so easy to get on and off.  The only slight niggle is that when you pull the filter down to talk to someone (paying for fuel, explaingin to police why you were doing that speed etc) the filter moves out of position when you put it back.  I’ve bought a pro-seal to rectiify that and upgraded the filter to the techno.  Otherwise a perfect motorbike mask.

RESPRO’NSE: Thanks for your comment. We look forward to hearing how you get on with the Proseal.



Great product and even better service! Plastic nose clip proved to be too tight on my nose when running (good enough for walking, though). After re-checking my size, Customer Service sent me an Ultralight shell with metal nose clip, which works better for me. Mask fits well, looks cool and fabric is great for the hot and humid climate here in Bangkok.



Bought my Ultralight (black)in 2015 and after using it for 2 years. i just upgraded it with the pro-seal now the filter don’t stick to the face when working out - a great add on to the the mask smile


Alan Plummer

Pure genius!  Inverting the Pro Seal at the top did the trick, and actually makes for a more comfortable fit.  Don’t know why I didn’t think of it.
Thanks for your thoughtful, detailed replies to my questions .
Best customer Service on the Planet.




The Ultra Light is a great mask for somebody like me with dust and allergy issues.  Have both COPD and CRPD plus asthma.

Only issue was that I had to go to PO and stand in line for about 45 minutes to retrieve package.  The PO delivery to the door basically does not work as the driver wants to get to the next address and is gone by the time one gets to the door from 5 meters away.  Will try courier next time. 

RESPRO’NSE: “Thanks for your feedback and great to hear your mask is working well for you. Sorry to hear your local postage service is not the best. It really varies from country to country.”



I have to commend Harrison of Customer Service (who patiently answered all my enquiries, suggested the right size for me, and essentially sold me Respro as a brand), and Respro Logistics (for swift response, and transparency on the shipping) for being a great pre-sales, and after sales support!

Love my mask, it takes getting used to but after just a couple of days of use (walking around some polluted streets near bus stops), I could really feel the difference.

Now I’m thinking of my second purchase, having Respro, makes me more confident in thinking of running around the city, instead of the treadmill!



I was so impressed with your product and customer service that I bought a second Cinqro mask. The mask is comfortable to wear while running and bicycling through the busy streets of Dhaka. I’ve been telling my workmates about your products and service. Thank you again!


Karen Neill

I’m horribly allergic to smoke, it can trigger anaphylaxis in me. (I have severe MCAS). I live in Vancouver, and the smoke from fires can be awful. Without my Respro, I wouldn’t be able to leave my house.

Thank You!


Paul F

I’ve been using a Foggy Face Mask for 4 years now and once fitted, they are brilliant for glasses wearers like me.
I wish there was something for flip top helmet though. There seems to be a huge gap in the market that no one’s filling.
As for full face helmet wearers, I couldn’t recommend this product highly enough to properly explain how good it really is, even after 4 years.


Christian Le Moine

I use the mask in Qatar. When I started cycling I felt getting a cough. Went to see a specialist who confirmed, lungs are suffering from pollution, creating an allergy. So I decided to go for a mask. I checked all the reviews and went for the Respro mask. I started using it a week ago. (My purchase was done beginning of the year if not mistaken) but due to the hot weather, it was impossible to start using it before. Temperatures just slowly started dropping. The first time, it felt uncomfortable and I had problems breathing when cycling. The second day went smooth. I can breath normally through the mask. The only thing still kind of uncomfortable is the nose piece. It kind rubs on the nose. For the rest, pretty happy with the result. After service and response to questions are prompts and helpful.
Recommended supplier.



I recently moved to Thailand where it is usually hot and humid.  There are also a lot of pick-ups that visibly chuck out clouds of soot.  How about the stuff that is not visible?  I have used the ultra-light for rides of over 2 hours at 30 degrees C and although it was obviously there it was not a hindrance.
My nose is larger than normal so the size that I ordered did not fit well.  Very kindly the guys at Respro sent me an XL which I received today.  On a ride of 2 hours, with the additional Pro-Sea,l it was genuinely comfortable and had no indication of leakage.
This may seem expensive but I think it is tremendous value.  Well designed and made it boosts one’s confidence to go much further in the knowledge that most of that muck is not getting into the lungs.  After all, the point of cycling is to get fit.



I live in a rural area and work in a big city, so I’m unused to exhaust smells. The mask (with the Pro-seal fitted) has exceeded my expectations in transforming my commute experience. The railway here runs highly polluting 2-stroke diesels and the air quality in the major stations is horrendous. Also, more often than not, the cars reek of diesel fumes and stench (as the A/C system sometimes suck external air into the train cars or a window is poorly sealed / left open).
Another pleasant aspect of wearing the mask in the train is that it filters out aggressive smells of perfumes, cigarettes and food. I find myself wearing the mask (ultralight) for the entire duration of my commute (~2 hours),  including walking in the street in a hot middle eastern climate.
I have also recommended it to friend of mine who does the same commute, and he bought one as well, so good job with your product smile
RESPRO’NSE: Thanks so much for taking the time to let us know about your environment and how your Respro® Mask works for you. Much appreciated



Purchased the bandanas, the allergy and the ultralight.

“Masks are fantastic! So much better than what is available in the US (where we don’t acknowledge chemical sensitivity). Wanted to say, the Graceland lyrics are a nice and unexpected personal touch”



Bought an allergy mask and chemical filter. I used the respro calculations and picked the size recommended,it fits perfectly and the filtration is perfect as I have chemical allergies,asthma and perfume and latex intolerance. I highly recommend the allergy mask,its given me a new lease lease on life as I am 66 years old. Well done respro.



These are a significant development on the standard masks - light and breathable - I just wish there were more colours to choose from!  I need to replace mine - I left it outside overnight and a fox has away with it - so, if you see a small vulpine wearing a sand coloured Ultra Light Respro, you know where it came from!



Great website! I have ordered some items and hoping to order more, just great.


Stefan Jr

I bought mine 3 years ago. And I’m extremely glad I did.

At the time my allergies just progressed year by year. Eventually into asthma. And the medicines did help, but the side-effects where plenty.

I breed crickets and roaches, so I started to use Respro allergy mask when cleaning for them. And when cleaning my bag-free vacuum cleaner. Sometimes when cleaning the flat, the cat litter box, and so on…

Toke a few times to get used of wearing the mask (now I don’t even think about it). Very early on I noticed the lack of instant allergic reactions of whatever stuff I was doing. That alone was more then enough for me to continue.

The second thing I noticed was that the very few times I forgot to put the mask on, the earlier guaranteed allergic reactions didn’t appear as usual. But, of course, I put the mask on right away anyway. Always!

This spring I had been using the Respro mask for 2½ years, and to this point in early July, I’ve used NO medicines. I decided to try this season. Sure, I still have very light reactions to pollen, dust and such. But my overall condition has gotten incredibly much better.

So after 2½ years I’m at the point that I use the Respro mask as continuous as ever, but in no dire need of medicines. Nothing that mind power can’t handle. And I don’t have to pay for expensive medicines and cope with the side-effects.

At least to me, the Respro mask DO WORK! There is no doubt about that. Both for short- and long term effects.



I have been using my respro mask for over a year now.

The only problem I have with it, is that it tends to remove my makeup which makes the inside looks like a baby’s nappy that needs changing.

However, this is very effective against people wanting to ‘have a go’ and try it on!

I also get lots of enjoyment when asked why I am wearing it as I almost invariably reply, “it’s to stop me from biting people!”

Otherwise it has changed my life as a person who always and only travels by bike in the city. Funnily, I get the most benefit when I am biking through the countrified bike paths of Amsterdam after the
grass has just been cut.

No more arriving at work with a head full of snot for me!

Thank you Respro!

RESPRO’NSE:” Thanks so much for your feedback. Great to hear the mask is helping you. Just a note regarding the filter. You can wipe the inside that sits close to your face with an anti-bacterial wipe or damp cloth. This will help remove some of the surface dirt and grime until it is time to change it”



I was very surprised that in our polluting world, based on profit, good service still exists. After a size request I ordered my Large Ultra-Light mask. Unfortunately, the Velcro strip wasn’t long enough. I have sent some pictures of this issue to costumer service and they sent me directly an X-Large mask. I was more surprised when they told me that I could give away the L mask to someone else who can used it.

It’s really a amazing good service.



I ordered the Cinqro Mask for commuting in London. I used the email template to check my size having used the measurements guide. I was struggling to get the mask to fit once it arrived but sent pictures to Harrison who gave me very helpful advice and it fits perfectly! It is comfortable and his help made all the difference. I really appreciate it. Thank you!


Hannah Cobbett

I cycle to work and back daily in the centre of Paris. Since I started using this mask I have stopped having a sore throat from the pollution - it really works and makes a noticeable difference to the quality of the air you breathe.



I am very satisfied with the mask and I am happy to see that Respro takes good care about its customers. Just recommended the mask to a friend last week!



I’m a motorcyclist. I use my bike to commute and cover about 400 km (250 miles) a week, partly on the highway, partly through dense city traffic. The Respro Techno Mask, that I’ve been wearing for one month now, protects me from inhaling car fumes and other pollutants. The smells I experience on the road are reduced drastically.  I recommend all motorcyclists to get one as a common-sense protection tool (like protective clothes, shoes, helmet and ear plugs). One thing needs to be mentioned though. A modular helmet (or an less safe open-face helmet) is in my opinion necessary (I wear a Nolan N43) , since putting on a full face helmet while wearing the mask is a huge hassle.
Be safe and enjoy your ride.


Caroline Light

This are great for me in hayfever season especially Rape seed pollen which gives me migraines. These masks and filters means I can go outside and not suffer with pollen and hayfever. I use them for walking/hiking, sleeping when camping and cycling. They have made a huge different to my life and I can’t recommend them enough. Great products.



Changed the way I live. I used to not be able to go to the movies or other places with lots of food because of my extremely sensitive allergies. Then this mask came along and absolutely changed my life. Would definitely Recommend!!


Grant Robinson

I truly can say that Respro Ultra Light is responsible for extending my life. I received a double lung transplant 2 years ago, being very susceptible to environmental hazards and was having multiple rejections and fungal infections. I had difficulty wearing masks, I could not breath out of a single valve and wearing hospital masks gave people the impression I was sick (plus useless). Since using the Respro mask I am 9 months without rejection or infection. I own 2 Ultra Light masks and while wearing I can forget I even have it on. THANKYOU RESPRO for saving me physically and mentally.  USA

RESPRO’NSE: Thank you so much for the glowing review Grant. We are very happy to hear that the mask is doing its job and you are feeling healthy and well. Here’s to continued good health and happiness.



Just wanted to let you know that the headstrap has solved all my fitting problems. Thank you so much !



The Pro-Seal is really good and protects even better from the pollution since there is less chance for the air to pass around the sides of the mask.



I have chemical sensitivities so I’ve carried my mask with me wherever I’ve gone the past 15 years.  I Love It!!  It’s amazing how much pollution it blocks out.  And it’s comfortable too.  I’ve had a little issue with the knot in the back, but the benefits totally out weight a small inconvenience.  And I also love that I can wash it.  Thank you so much for creating this simply way of avoiding unhealthy air.



Seems to work well for pollution but the metal nose fitting isn’t protected enough. The mask moves as you move and the metal strip works its way to the top of the material becoming very uncomfortable as it rubs the skin raw. Not a very good design. It looks like other masks on here have more material to prevent that.



I never thought the London air was that bad, but after a few articles on the subject I decided to test a mask. After a couple of months I needed a replacement part and stopped wearing it whilst waiting for the part. I could immediately taste the air. I don’t think it will be long before everyone is wearing these. Excellent customer service when I needed it too.


Tim from Australia

I bought these for a winter trip to China, Mongolia and Russia. The air quality in Beijing & Ulaanbataar is notoriusly bad in winter owing to the amount of coal being burnt to heat homes and it took forgetting my Respro only once for me to learn precisely how bad that air was. After three hours in the open air of Ulaanbataar I felt as though I had just smoked a pack of 50 cigarettes and had a bit of a hacking cough.
Not only did the mask filter the air but at -39 celcius, it kept me from getting frostbite as well.
Really good stuff.

Respo’nse: Cheers Time! Great to hear the mask is working well for you. Thanks for posting.



This is a good mask, I like the DACC filter because it is easy to breathe with. So far using it for a year with no problems.



Thank you very much for your amazing customer service. My son will certainly pass on the goodwill (and the smaller Ultralight mask) after you kindly replaced it FOC. He cycles 30 miles daily into the centre of Manchester through heavy traffic so pollution is quite an issue.



I wear my Ultralight (with Techno valves) ALL THE TIME!
I started with the Allergy mask but like the colors of the Ultralight better.  I have MCS and this truly is a LIFE SAVER!
Note:  When I say all the time I don’t mean 24/7.  I wear it for 20-30 minutes and then take a break.  The mask provides me time to get to a safe space with quality air.  Thank you RESPRO for providing a way for me to still be able to go out in public!!


India Jordan

The customer service I experienced with Respro was the best I have had anywhere! My mask was unfortunately stolen but Respro sent a replacement shell the next day, amazing!! the mask itself is great, my lungs feel better and i feel much more confident cycling around central london now. I can really tell the difference when I’m walking - i want to wear it everywhere.

thanks again to respro for being so amazing, highly recommend this product to anyone cycling in central london!



I love mine. Have bought 2 as they are quite fragile. They need to go on your jacket before you put it on but the instructions tell you that. Any rips can be repaired with clear gorilla tape and it is completely waterproof.
As it is PVC and not vented it does get condensation inside but it’s not a problem. If you want it vented you’re going to get wet!
Folds up 1/2 tank bag size and is a nice bit of kit. Bit expensive though but I like the racing look rather than the touring (Goretex) look when it’s raining.
I have size 3XL as I am 6"2’ and have Dianese leathers with a hump. It is snug around the body and slightly big around the arms but not flappy.That’s actually good as the armour is quite bulky on the shoulders and elbows anyway.
A nice buy but a bit pricey


linda evans

I am so pleased with your allergy mask!! I have been homebound for a month due to hypersensitivity to fragrances. My sensitivity increased over time after repeated exposure in the workplace. I live alone and without your mask would otherwise be unable to shop at my local health food store or take short walks in the park to reduce stress. The fit and comfort of the mask combined with the and high-quality customer service I received from Harrison and the Logistics Team to correctly fit and ship my mask were invaluable.




Received my mask, no issues with delivery at all (I am in the Netherlands).

The mask feels very well made and of high quality, its very comfy to wear and does not take long to adjust to wearing. It does the job very well, and has made running in a polluted, and windy area much easier. I will certainly be sticking with this after using a few inferior masks previously.

Warning to Asthma Sufferers: My only issue is the initial smell, I purchased the mask due to being asthmatic, but the smell is likely to cause an asthma attack before you get as far as the outdoors. Make sure you air and WASH your mask first to rid it of the smell.

RESPRO COMMENT: Thanks for the review. We appreciate you taking the time. Neoprene has quite a unique smell but our neoprene is governed by standards that ensure no toxicity. Airing of the mask for sensitive people is a good idea.



I purchased an allergy mask as I suffer from severe multi chemical sensitivity. Mask is of excellent quality, a great fit and has helped immensely. A little embarrassed to use it originally but the benefits of using it far outweigh the suffering based on if I didn’t.
I now use the mask in areas where I’m likely to be subjected to perfumes and fabric conditioners. Blocks out perfume but have noticed that the deadly fabric conditioner fragrances at close range can get through.
Recently used the mask at the seaside with alsorts whiffing about, according to my wife, mask kept all fragrances at bay and allowed me to encounter this area without being ill for days after.
As I mentioned, excellent mask. If you suffer from multi chemical sensitivity like me I suggest that you air it for a few weeks before wearing as the white filter part does have some slight smell to it when removed from the box that made me react. Thereafter it’s excellent and helps with this difficult disability immensely. Thanks Respro!



I am a trail runner in Phoenix, AZ, USA and suffer from asthma and allergies. I’m also a back of the pack-er so I literally eat everyone’s dust. This mask has been a lifesaver, my lungs don’t burn when I’m done and don’t wheeze as much. I have run in this mask when it’s over 100 deg F out (38 C), and yes, it is hot, but it’s not as hot as a buff or a bandanna.  Highly recommend this for anyone running or hiking out on the trails.



World of difference between the Cinqro Mask and the City Mask. This one actually fits my face! The material seems to give less so I get a good seal and no air leaks in. The longer velcro straps at the back are useful for finer adjustment compared to the square velcro pads on the City Mask.

Best part is the Elite valves definitely make a difference for breathability when running. My breath doesn’t just shoot back into my face anymore.

Only minor grievance is I wish Respro would air out these masks more before shipping or store both filters in a separate bag as when I got it the filter had a strong chemical/neoprene smell that took a few hours to go away. Was so strong I could taste it when breathing in!

Very happy with the mask, I combined it with the Respro Mask Strap to keep it from falling down my face when running and it couldn’t be better!



Well, I can’t say, if the mask has ever done anything for my lungs, but what i can say is that it sure feels like it. After having some issues with the fitting, I found a way to fit my special needs.
I got this mask long time ago, when I was young ‘n wild and there weren’t that many models. I used it for motorcycling, polluting the air myself. Now I use it for cycling trying to actually not take part in polluting anymore and keep air clean for the future generations to come, so they don’t all have to wear these 24|7.
I understand this would be good for business, but not for all of us if you think about it.



A pollution mask is a must have when commuting in a large overcrowded Bucharest. Especially useful in the winter, the Cinqro mask acts like a buffer when breathing cold air. Also, the peace of mind when wearing it is a feeling I cannot go without. It looks cool and gives you confidence. I regret not using one in the first 6 months of riding a bicycle. The support team here is also great, being very helpful in whatever situation may appear. Keep up the good work



Awesome service, bumped up my shipping time because i was in a rush. Used for the first time today in New Delhi where I live and the pollution is a serious issue. Worked extremely well under my helmet while riding my motorbike. As the size was correct I had no issues of my glasses steaming up. Perfect product, great service. Thanks guys



A specially developed mask to provide country and sports cyclists with excellent protection against particulate pollution.



I have been using the TECHNO mask for 2 months and you should see how dirty the white filter is now. Happy the grey dust on the mask is not in my lungs! Thanks RESPRO for the useful and affordable pruduct.



Great piece of kit for the track. Other ordinary road over suits flap around dangerously at speed and are as slippery as hell on the seat. This suit doesn’t flap and gives you the grip where you need to inspire confidence. Being stretchy its relatively easy to get on and most importantly it keeps you dry and looking sexy in the wet - It always attracts a few comments grin. I’ve had my suit for over 4 years and its still looking like new and serving me well.



In the Netherlands you cannot find a good mask. So I looked on internet and found Respro. I found this mask and asked them for the right size. Quick answer in return. I ordered and it came fast. Unfortunately, my nose was too small for the noseclip and asked for help. Respro sent me, without charge, an aluminium noseclip, including instructions on how to attach it. Now I am 100% happy and have no trouble walking in pollens and polition. As COPD patient this is quite a relief. Thank you Respro!!!



I bought this mask for running in central London. It does a good job of filtering out bad smells from traffic, smokers, etc. and is a good fit. Respro customer service have been excellent, they helped me choose the right mask, sent me a free head strap and replacement valve pieces after I lost them.

It makes it a bit harder to breathe than normal (as expected), but I see this as a form of resistance training! I’m planning to take the mask on a trip to Beijing later this year.


Solar Seagull

The Respro Sportsta makes cycling possible for me during the hay fever season: THANK YOU! I have the pink mask which I first purchased in a size medium but now I have the size large which does fit better (I was on the in-between for the size ratings). It does get quite warm, but I am surprised, having tried lots of other things, how well I can breath with the mask on even going up steep hills and stuff. I use the mask all the time during the spring and am very happy with it. At first the fit was not quite right, with the bigger size and fastening it round my head after putting on my helmet it sits more snuggly. The only down-side is that people stare at me because very few people have masks here - there is not much pollution smile But I am doing my bit to make the masks known here. Thanks for the great invention!!



I used to wear the Cinqro mask, and I recently bought the ultralight mask. The ultralight better fits on my face (both masks were L-size), I don’t have to strech it to cover completly my face (from my nose to my chin) and even the length of the straps is more adapted to me. The Ultralight is more confortable during warm weather, but both mask are excellent.
Many thanks to the Respro team for their advice and their reactivity (by email).



Great mask for humid and hot Hong Kong environments. Was told to order an XL first based on my specs, however the mask was slightly too big and Harrison from customer service asked me to submit pictures of me wearing the mask. They then sent me a free Large, and this sits perfectly. I am very impressed by this kind of customer service, BIG THANK YOU! Highly recommended company. Cheers



I have severe debilitating allergies and hyper sensitivities, and am dependent on your Respro Allergy Mask on a daily basis. The impact your allergy mask has on the quality of my daily life is immense. Thank you.

The mask is lightweight, it’s durable, and it really gets the job done. I have lost count of how many times it has allowed me to navigate as normal in environments with pollutants that would usually prevent me from breathing normally (i.e. places with pollen, perfume, etc.). The mask itself will last well over a year even if used several hours a day, and after several years of use I’ve only had one single vent breaking, which is very impressive. It is a very durable mask if taken care of properly.

On the down side it’s hard to see when the filters needs replacing, especially the chemical filter. The mask itself itself, while fairly comfortable, could use an optional secondary strap around the head to support the neck strap, as during prolonged use one tends to stick out the jaw to keep the mask seal tight, something that makes the neck hurt after a while. At last, it would be fun with more colors beside the blue and white ones.

These are however minor annoyances. I have yet to find a mask that is better for its purpose than this one. Keep up the good job!

A word of notice: The filters for this mask, both the chemical and particle ones, have a noticeable smell when taken out of the box, but I have never reacted to it, and I usually react to every.single.smell. and chemical I encounter. The smell goes away after you start using the filter.



Mask well made, pleasant to the touch and fits comfortably on the face. I had my doubts concerning the choice of size, but the customer service in express time, helped me choose the right one. I use a mask when traveling to work in Warsaw in a large traffic and considerable pollution. I would recommend with a clear conscience.



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Hi Respro, I just want to Thank you guys for the awesome job you’re doing. I live in Krakow (Cracow), Poland. We have a huge smog problem. Without your mask I wouldn’t be able to survive my daily commute. Also Thanks to the Techno I don’t have the coughing problem anymore. THX!



I work in london and cycle from home to work. I never thought there was such thing as an anti pollution mask but now I use it all the time. It’s a great product. I will use your products again.



I live in New Delhi (regularly 500+ PM2.5) and this is the only mask I’ve found to date that functions effectively and seamlessly in this extreme environment. I use it for both running and walking the dogs (as well as when simply out and about) - it never clogs with sweat (even in summer when temps are 35C+) as I’ve found with other masks and has undoubtedly saved my lungs from permanent damage.

RESPRO’NSE: ” Thanks Oliver. Great to hear the mask is working well for you. Thanks for taking the time to write”


Robert macdonald

Love the masks… Snug fit, stays in place as I work in confined under floors and in attics doing pest control clean up services for nuisance wildlife and mice….product holds up well to high dust environments as in confined spaces… Will not go to the job site with out it . Have used cartridge style units in the past but found they restrict heavy breathing when under a heavy work load.. The neoprene masks allow freedom of movement and allow workers to breathe normal. Again….. Love the product.respectfully .. Captain Robert MacDonald, Canadian wildlife control services.

RESPRO"NSE: “Thank you for taking the time to write your review. We very much appreciate your feedback”



I’m a sports person.
I used the Cinqro mask from mid January to end of April to protect me from pollen since I’m very allergic to it.  I have to say that this mask did a wonderful job! I could train and even compete with it, mostly in trail-running.
Yes sometimes I was struggling to breathe in training or competitions, especially when the weather became warmer, but I am very happy that I could use my lungs and be able to train and compete.
I use it in when climbing, snowboarding but mostly when running. 2016 race series was great!
Thanks Respro team.

RESPRO’NSE: “Cheers Angelo. Great to hear you are back at your peak fitness and that the allergies have been kept at bay with the Cinqro Mask. Thanks for the review”



Amazing customer service! Any question that I had was promptly answered when I told them I lost one of the fasteners for my Mask they offered to add some free of charge to my most recent order of Sportsta filters.


Wim from Belgium

I bought an allergy respro mask. I ordered a large type but by accident I have received an XL. Respro will send without charge a large type and I can keep the X large for free. This is a great service. They are not difficult and give good advice.
I wear the mask which is too big for me and I already can say that it feels very comfortable. I do believe that it might be more difficult if you wear glasses.
When I put the mask on with the chemical filters I don’t smell outlet gasses.
Also for jogging in winter it feels very warm along the neck. This is also very important for asthmatics while jogging in very cold weather.
I’m sure that it will be very good for my allergic asthma in spring and reduce inhaling too much fine dust in cold winter days.
I also read a review where there was a complaint about the smell of the mask. This is no issue. When you put the mask on, you smell nothing about the mask.
Great product!!!



Wondering why I could not be as active as I was 20 years ago, always feeling stuffed up after going into the city on my motorcycle or pumping up the hills in the farms and deserts here.  Through monitoring my own habits and by my doctor mentioning that I have very sensitive immune system reacting to particles in the air, realized that I have allergies, stuff that I didn’t pay attention to when I was younger when I was a spring chicken.  These masks have given me my active life back! Not cheap but necessary for quality of life.  Now I can commute my motorcycle to work 80 miles whenever I want to, work out on my bicycle or go for a run often and not feel like I’m getting sick all the time after working out, sneezing repeatedly, so on and so forth.  Thanks Respro!


Matt North

Bought the foggy mask as I was getting sick of my glasses fogging up at lights. Am extremely impressed with the results - I can actually see where I’m going now which is nice.

As mentioned above, the only “niggle” (and I hesitate to call it that) is getting the positioning just right, but that’s inevitable anyway and really doesn’t take long at all.

Breathing is unaffected; if anything my chin’s a bit warmer now!

Fitted in a Shark Vision-R Smoke in about 5 minutes.


Kerry Mackey

Thanks so much to Harrison in Customer services for all his help and for getting the mask and filters to me the next day. Couldn’t ask for better service, thank you !!!


Eva Rueckert

I recently moved to Belgium and was unaware that parcels are sent back after 14 days by the national mail service (as oppsed to 30 days in the country I lived in previously), so the mask had to be reshiped; and as I was unable to update my Paypal account to transfer the additional shipping cost, Respro offered to send it again free of charge! Thanks a lot!


Frederik Maes

I live in a capital city and use my bike daily to go to my work. Since I use the Cinqro mask from RESPRO, I can breath again in a normal way. You really feel that all poisened gases are filtered away and cannot enter the mask. On winterdays nowadays it is even good to protect my face against cold. Sometimes people look strange, but mostly people are interested in where I have bought my mask. I always recommend RESPRO. There customer service is good and the website is full of information.


Ilke Cochrane

Bought the mask for a friend who says it fits very snugly and comfortably and promptly wanted a spare. As she was about to leave the country I asked if there was a Next Day Delivery option and the wonderful people at Respro made sure it was here in time at no extra cost - excellent customer service and I will definitely recommend you to anyone needing a face mask!



I ordered one last night and made a mistake with the size of the spare filters I ordered. They emailed me to ask if it was a mistake - most companies would have just sent them. Cannot wait to be sat on the tube with my mask watching everyone stare while they breathe in that dense yellow metallic dust caused from the tube train metal on metal braking. I haven’t been able to breathe properly in London. In the streets all you breathe is bus gases or diesel fumes, I feel constantly sick. Thank you Respro.



I’m using the Ultra Light mask now for almost a year in Santiago de Chile. I’m wearing it while biking through the city and it’s great! The mask is very comfortable, even in the summer months, not too warm. It’s a relief from this smoggy city.

After I lost the nose clip, I got to know the splendid customers service of Respro. Thanks a lot!



Wow, this is one awesome Mask. I love all the technology incorporated into it.  Very cool.



I ride a bicycle in a city. I used the Sportsta mask for several years. It is amazing product. If I could post an image of used filter it let me not to write so many words… It is comfortable. It protects me from pollution, dust and insects what you can catch by riding a bike. And there is one more good thing it protects me from cold air during winter time! In total - Must have!
Я катаюсь на велосипеде преимущественно в городе. Использую маску Sportsta уже несколько лет. Отличный продукт. Если бы я мог подцепить фотографию использованного фильтра, это бы избавило меня от дальнейших объяснений, почему эта маска из разряда – обязательный атрибут для велосипедиста. В ней достаточно комфортно. Она защищает от различных видов городского загрязнения воздуха и в том числе от попадания в рот всяких насекомых, когда едешь на велосипеде. Еще приятный бонус зимой она отлично защищает дыхательную систему от холодного воздуха! В общем, очень полезная вещь!



I’ve chosen this mask for the 2 filters and it’s super fast valves. They are great!
I’m a cyclist and I can breathe normal with the mask on. Huge difference of air quality! Indeed, the cigarette smoke is devious and passes the mask filters.
Unfortunately, I was among those who had trouble with fitting it. My mask kept sliding downwards pushing on the nostrils no matter how tight I locked it. Too tight and the back neck was in pain also. I’ve contacted customer support and they were really helpful! They gave me the strap for free and things got really really better. Now I can cycle with the mask on and enjoy a cleaner air!
The product is great, it just needs to sort out or come up with a better method to fit all of my weird head shape.



My Cinqro mask kept sliding down pushing on my nostrils no matter how tight I’ve locked it. The Respro support team offered me this strap and things were never the same. Now, the mask almost never slides and I’m really happy I can cycle with it within one of the most polluted European capitals. The mask is surprisingly comfortable.
Take note, its size is L and I’m using it almost at max stretch. Tighter and the mask will slide upwards towards the eyes smile The teeth of the strap bite hard on the mask shell, I’m curious to see if in time the shell will get ruptured. Cheers!



I ordered the allergy masks for a trip to the US, but was a little late with the order…. was absolutely surprised when the Respro Team upgraded my order on a faster delivery so the masks would get here on time!!! Great service!!! I was afraid to fly without masks and having problems with my asthma.
Also, they responded quick on my question about the correct size, and indeed, both masks fit well. We did not use them yet, but it is a good feeling to have them for the trip. Great service, will definitely order again (the pink Cinqro mask looks cool smile ). Thank you.



I had ordered the Sportsta mask but then wondered if it was the best one for filtering pollution on my commute to work. Harrison of customer service was excellent - he included a sample of a better filter i can use with my mask with my order - no charge. Outstanding!


language block

Never leave the house without it. Ever! I’d give it a 5 if it wasn’t for the straps near the velcro fell apart after about 6 months. I have silver ones, 2, and I think the process of getting the colour scheme on to the masks more than likely weakens the straps. Sent pictures to customer services and they are replacing them for me. Other than that I am very happy with the Cinqro!



Does the job very well. I use mine in an Ultralight mask when i go running.
Cleaning is very simple.

To give you some idea of its longevity (since I didn’t find that very clear on this site); i clean the filter after about 15-20 hours of running (even though it can probably go on even a bit longer than that).
I’ve cleaned it 4 times before thowing it out. After the 3rd cleaning it became slightly fuzzy. After the 4th cleaning the increased “fuzzyness” became slightly irritating when using it. So it was time to get in a new filter.



I live in Madrid, Spain. Temperatures can range from -10 to 45 degrees Celsius. Pollution can peak at any time of the year. In the dry months dust is a big problem as well.
Whenever i went running i could only do short distances before my lungs would get irritated. Lots of coughing fits and also nausea with near vomiting were regular for me after a run.

I bought the Ultralight mask over a year ago. At first it took some getting used to. I had to change the way a breathe a bit; a bit more “powerfull” to get the valves to do their job properly. But that change was instinctive, I did not have to think about it or practice my breathing.

Like i said, i have been using it for over a year now. I never run without it, even when i see that pollution-levels are low, I still put it on (cause it also helps greatly against dust, and when it’s cold outside it also prevents breathing in the worst cold which is nice). From the day i started using it i haven’t had any of the coughing or nausea anymore. Because of the mask i can now train much longer. “Pre-mask” I could manage 8km with great difficulty. Now I run half marathons without a single cough. 

After using it for a year (intensively, I run ever other day with an average of about 35-40km a week) the shell has streched a bit, but it still fits quite good, so i only need to buy some new filters and valves (although i think the latter will still be OK for a while). The colour of the mask has changed a bit though. Due to sun exposure the black has turned slightly purple-ish.

I hope that explaining my situation and telling my experiences can help people find their perfect mask. As long as i’ll live in Madrid; I’ll keep wearing the ultralight mask.



Very pleased with quick response and delivery of a free spare part.



Would love to review this but none of the skins come in size small! Why?

Respro’nse: “Currently the small size is only available in the Allergy Mask. We find that most adults will either fit a medium or a large size in our mask range. Please go to the sizing page to confirm your actual size”



I have severe Mast Cell Activation Syndrome. It’s an allergic condition where I can have an anaphylactic reaction to scent, smells of food, allergens such as pollen and dust, etc.  I don’t venture out of the house without my mask. Recently I got a last-minute appointment with a specialist in the US. I had to fly, and my filters needed replacing- my local MEC (Mountain Equipment Co-op) was out!! So Respro sent them express. Thank-you! Made the flight possible. I use the ones with charcoal- the allergy filter will filter allergens, but doesn’t filter scent. I’m right in between sizes- so I wear the smaller one in more ‘dangerous’ environments, and when I don’t have to talk. I’ve also put in an elastic at the chin of my larger allergy mask. Works beautifully- and I can talk with it on. I’m excited about the new light-weight mask- black and army green aren’t my colours….but Sand, while boring, makes a lot more sense for me. When you wear them every day, I guess it’s okay to have more masks than shoes….. grin



I have a smaller head and this one has much better fitting (M-size) than the Ultralight (M) type I bought and the Allergy (S) type which they sent me for free after informing them about sealing problem. Although there is still room for improvement in the chin area, which is hard to seal 100% unless I make the headstrap really tight. I told them the new problem and they’re sending me an additional strap already! Very great customer service!

PS: I have only been using it for one week (more than 2 hours a day in heavily-polluted Philippine cities); will update later for the durability of the straps.



Bon produit, aucune grosse difficulté de respiration même durant un effort intense. C’est peu compliqué quand on a la goutte au nez mais j’en suis tout de même satisfait. Délais de livraison en France plus de 10 jours ouvrables d’attente.



My new respro mask is up to my expectation and I can now run and commute safely in New Delhi where pollution is sky-rocketing.

Special thanks to the customer supports helping getting a second mask with the right size in a very effective and customer friendly way.

happy mask owner



Does it come with filters or should I also buy them?

RESPRO’NSE: “Hi Victoria, all our masks come with filters included. You can purchase replacement filters without the need to buy a new mask when you need to change your filter.”



An absolutely seamless experience. From the well designed and easy to use website for ordering, responsive emails for sizing, to the complexities of emergency last minute “I need a mask before I go back to Cambodia”- SO THEY SENT IT TO ME EXPRESS!

The team at Respro as prompt, efficient and highly effective. I haven’t had a chance to use the mask yet, but if it is as good at the customer service, l’m going to have the cleanest lungs in Phnom Penh.

Thank you,  Thank you, thank you! You guys are absolute superstars.

RESPRO’NSE: Thanks for the feedback. We are happy if you are happy wink



The Slick WetSuit for racing is a great product. Kept warm and dry in pretty wet conditions at Silverstone last weekend. And the guys at Respro really pulled all the stops out to get me the WetSuit here in time for racing, dispatching the same day for next day delivery - Thank you!



What a great idea- cooler, more breathable. But, um, it’s supposed to be for when it’s hot. Why on earth did they cook black and army green as the only two colours? I don’t want dark colours in summer! I’ll stick with my allergy mask for now, but it would be lovely if you had lighter colours.

RESPRO’NSE:” Thanks for your feedback. We are introducing a ‘sand’ colour to the Ultra-light range very soon. Watch this space!!”



i am so happy to have found your masks.. i tried surgical ones and they steamed my glasses and weren’t cool !yours are great !! i ride in town with soot and pollen and sometimes smoke,not to mention fumes and pollution and don’t get allergic reaction any more.. you rock!!!



I ordered two Ultralight masks and unfortunately one of them didn’t fit on my friend’s face so we wanted to send the mask back. After a couple of messages Respro offered to send a new mask without any further charges nor did we have to send the not fitting mask back. So the service was incredibly good and besides the high quality of the masks I would definitely recommend them because of their very good customer service.



Much satisfied with my Techno mask. I’m surprised at how grey the filter has become in just 3 days! No wonder I kept getting sinus related illnesses in the past year. I’m never walking out in the city without my mask again. Thank you Respro! Planning to buy new skins and filters soon.

RESPRO’NSE: “Thanks for your feedback. Glad to hear the mask is doing its job”



Respro let’s me live again. I live in Belgium in the country side, at the border of a little village. But the pollution you can have because of the burning of coal, lignite, wood and other dirty stuff is incredible (and than the say something about cars). With my cinqro mask I can do my runs even in the dirty air, it is the good average of filtration and respiration. Thank you for your great product.
Question is as well: When will Belgium or Europe do something about the pollution produced by burning all this dirt (coal, ...)???

Respro’nse: Thanks for your review. Great to hear the product is doing it’s job. And yes we all will continue to campaign for cleaner air.



Dear Respro team thank you so much for your great support!!! I live in China - in a really serious air quality environment… with using your mask (cinqro / filter RAM02LC) I really feel to breath clean air. Strong recommendation wink

Respro’nse: Thank you Markus. We appreciate you taking the time to write a review.



I`m very exited to use my new mask. I haven’t worn it yet but im so happy that this product exists. There was a miss-communication with my order and I got very frustrated but their customer service review was great! they fedex me to mexico something I requested, and i really appreciated. I hope the product works well, I already tried the mask without the valves and seems to fit well. super necessary if you want to be an outdoor athlete in a polluted city! Thank You!



Respro’s customer service has surprised and pleased me in a way I’ve never experienced before.  After checking with the company about size, I bought a Large Ultralight mask several weeks ago in the UK.  It arrived, but it was hard to get a seal.  I emailed an enquiry about it and Respro asked me to send in some photos of me wearing it.  They said that it was slightly too large after all.  They immediately offered to send me a Medium, but said simply to give the Large to a deserving friend rather than to return it.  Even better, when I explained that I was flying to China for an extended period after that, they shipped the new mask to China at their own cost.  Quite incredible.  And this story continues.  When the Medium proved slightly too small, they sent me - again free of charge - a ‘mask strap’ to help hold the Large mask in place. 

Never have they asked for more money than I originally paid; never have they asked me to return anything.  I’ve quite literally never come across a company like this and would recommend them to anyone who wants to buy a pollution mask. It’s about as risk free a purchase as you’ll ever make.



I bought a Respro Techno mask for everyday use in polluted China. I was concerned about the mask’s fitting so I contacted the customer service.

They replied quickly and were both helpful and very friendly. In the end they were able to sort out my problems.

Keep up the great customer service!


Nathan Roestandy

Excellent service. The local post office took a while with the delivery but the Respro team was responsive and answered all my questions. Great product too!



The mask is a top notch product. Does the job very well. Recommended for anyone who cherishes his or her lungs. I’d like a more breathable fabric—even a loose mash—with the exception of the muzzle area of course; I live in Thailand where it can be excessively hot and humid.

A special accolade to the customer service department. The good people there provided me with a lot of useful information during the pre-sale process, and later, when I’d lost a POWA filter, supply me one free of charge. Just amazing!




This S3V mask is exatly what I wanted, I always keep it in my bag and wear it when I feel that the air is tainted. I had a minor error with my package, the people at Respro support answered right away and help me resolve the issue. 5 star product, 5 star support

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