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In order to consider the effectiveness of a mask, the following points must be taken into consideration

  1. How well does the product seal?
  2. How effective is the filter material?

In order for any mask to perform to its maximum it must be able to seal properly around the nose and mouth so that as much of the air that is being inhaled, is actually passing through the filter. If it is not passing through the filter then, no matter how effective the filter is, the user will still be inhaling unfiltered air.


All our masks apart from the Bandit™ scarf and the Allergy™ mask are made from Neoprene. Being resiliently stretchable it allows the masks to conform easily to varying facial features, sealing around the face, thus a good seal and a comfortable fit.

Another consideration in the sealing is sizing. As the range of sizes within adult population varies to such an extent, one size cannot fit all people. We have introduced two sizes to comfortably accommodate 90% of the adult populations: medium and large. For an adult female of average height/weight, we would recommend the medium size. Likewise for an adult male of average height/weight, we would recommend the large size. By choosing the correct size and following the fitting instructions you can be assured that an effective seal can be attained.

As the Neoprene mask will stretch between the nose and cheekbone, a negative cavity will exist. This gap, if not closed up, will allow polluted air to pass through this region unfiltered, consequently reducing the mask’s overall efficiency. To effect a good seal in this region, all our masks use a fully annealed aluminium nose clip which can be formed to the individual facial shape of the wearer.

Each mask contains a replaceable filter specific to either an urban or countryside environment. Depending on the environment that you are active in, you will need to assess the type of filter that is required. Essentially the City™ filter is designed for use in the urban environment and the Sportsta™ filter is used for country environments where much higher levels of nuisance particulate material can be encountered. To assess the correct filter for your environment the following chart highlights the main atmospheric pollutants and indicates the appropriate filter that should be used.

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