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Pollution in the urban environment can only considered a NUISANCE to everyday people.  If it were anything more than that, like ‘life threatening’ or ‘detrimental’ to our health than surely the government would have a Duty of Care to protect its citizens , That’s right isn’t it?

So until proven to be dangerous and linked to ill health, here’s how the land lies!

Pollution is made of two distinct categories:

  1. Gases and Vapours
  2. Particulates

Most types of pollution can be put into one or other category.

1. Gases & Vapours:

These pollutants all require an activated carbon filter media to absorb them.

2. Particulates:

There are two categories of particulates:

Inhalable and respirable

So there you have it in a nutshell.

What can you do about it? - get a mask.mail a letter to your local MP.discuss the topic with like minded friends.

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