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In order to have good breathability in a mask, especially when undergoing exercise or other activities involving physical exertion, it is essential that the mask breathes freely and does not create either a pressure drop or back pressure. Heat, carbon dioxide and water vapour, three components of exhaled breath, need to be exhausted from the mask in readiness for the next breath of inhaled air. If this process of evacuation fails or is impeded, then the mask may become uncomfortable with poor airflow and may result in the wearer not using the mask.

We therefore believe that exhalation valves are an essential component which allows the mask to perform well under the conditions described above.

The valves in Respro® masks are designed to reduce or eradicate any of the above effects and are available in accessory packs, allowing the user to tailor a product specifically to their own needs.

Rarely do the valves require replacement.

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