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StreetSmart™ Mask

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The StreetSmart™ Mask, certified to EN149 FFP3, the highest European standard for a face mask, is the equivalent to the American Niosh standard N99.
It has a uniquely developed seal on the inside to ensure that the wearer has an excellent fit which is airtight around the nose and mouth. The air that is being breathed in, is therefore filtered and unlike some other masks, does not pass around the sides, unfiltered. An ineffective seal means poor filtration, despite claims made otherwise. The distinctive seal of the StreetSmart™ Mask affords an excellent fit for all adult sizes and children over the age of 10 years.

The Respro® StreetSmart™ Mask protects you whenever and wherever there is an issue with the quality of the air you are breathing.

This mask comes in two colour versions, black or white with one size fitting, large, medium and small faces and is glasses compatible. The black StreetSmart™ has two exhalation valves, the white StreetSmart™ mask, has one valve. The third option is a valveless StreetSmart™ available in black and white colours. This version may be particularly useful in COVID compliant environments.

A regular commuter will find it invaluable for their daily trips in the city as it can be re-used in these environments*.

These boxes give you £5 pounds off when you buy a box of 3 or 5 masks, as opposed to a single purchased item.

* if used for Health and Safety at work, this mask is regarded as a ‘single shift’ respirator.

  • Re-usable for the commuter/traveller
  • Electrostatic filter media
  • A unique full-face inner seal for a variety of face shapes
  • Two exhalation valves (black)
  • One exhalation valve (white)
  • No exhalation valve (white and black)
  • 4-point adjustable head straps
  • A pre-formed nose bridge to help maintain a consistent fit
  • Value for money mask
  • Excellent filtration (PM2.5 no bother)
  • Comfortable face fit for sizes large, medium and small

  • Ease of breathing at normal breathing rates
  • Excellent functionality

  • Metal free soft nasal area
  • All public places inside and out
  • Walking in the city on bad air days
  • Perfect for charity/aid workers in the field
  • Air Travel (valveless)
S3V Streetsmart Bluenote SV3 VALVELESS PACKAGING

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