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CE Upgrade Kit

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The CE Upgrade Kit is for those who want to convert their Respro® Mask to the same specification as a CE certified mask. The kit includes:

  • Hepa-Type™ CE 250 particle filter
  • A MK2 Adjustable head strap that attaches over the head to the mask via the valve fasteners
  • POWA™  Elite Valves providing easier breathing
  • The CE 250 filter is a longer-lasting filter than the Hepa-Type 150 sports and allergy filters. It provides better efficiency at filtering out sub-micron particulates for a longer period of time. The upgraded filter as well as the POWA™ Elite Valve and MK2 head strap are part of the protection factor that the CE mask range demands for work applications.
  • 250 CE Filter
  • MK2 Adjustable top head strap
  • POWA™ Elite Valves with diaphragm made from medical grade silicone
  • Filters out non-toxic dusts, sub-micron particulates
  • Stability and comfort
  • Improved air flow when working out at elevated breathing rates
  • For use with any Respro® Mask

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