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CMC Hump

CMC Hump - BlueCMC Hump - RedCMC Hump - Yellow

The CMC Hump® is a subtle way of reversing your visibility style. Yellow on black as opposed to black graphics on Flo-yellow. A lemon twist if you like. Available in 2 other colours, red and blue, this Hump® appeals to both motorcyclist and cyclists keen to keep the ‘style’ factor while staying safe on the road.

Like the rest of the products in the Hump® range, it fits over an existing backpack and fastens around its waist. It also features an elasticated edge that grips the backpack stopping it from flapping around.

The CMC Hump® also includes 2 strips of Scotchlite™ for night-time reflectivity securely stitched onto the surface of the backpack cover.

  • Contrasting Silver/Blue/Black material
  • Waterproof material with taped seams
  • Reflective tape for night time visibility
  • Two elasticated straps for ‘Bolt On’ security
  • 15-35 Litres (3-9 US Gal) capacity
  • Re-useable backpack cover
  • Optimum visibility whilst on the road
  • Adds space for more items
  • Suitable for most backpacks
  • Makes cyclists highly visible
  • Easily fitted over most backpacks
  • No need to buy a product specific bag
  • Clings to donor bag
  • Commuting to work
  • Walking to school
  • Hiking
  • Jogging in town
CMC Hump

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