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Deluxe Hump

Deluxe Hump - Atomic BlueDeluxe Hump - Pink GlowDeluxe Hump - YellowDeluxe Hump - Shocking Orange

The Deluxe HUMP sets the benchmark for all backpack covers. Constructed from fully waterproof fabric with taped seams, the Deluxe HUMP keeps the contents of your bag dry. The day-glo fabrics feature highly reflective chevron prints and stripes to give you superb daytime and night time visibility. The packaging doubles up as a reusable waterproof sleeve that clips into the inside of the cover.

The mesh pocket is the ideal home for an LED light to further strengthen your visibility. Elasticised binding ensures a great fit to most bags.

The elasticated snap buckle fasteners ensure that the Hump fits snugly over your backpack or pannier bag for a custom tuned fit. It can also be used to cover bike pannier bags for increased visibility and protection from the elements.

Designed to fit most backpacks between 15 - 35 litres.
Available in a range of four colours.

HUMP’s two year guarantee covers your backpack cover against manufacturing defaults.

  • 4 Day-Glow colours for day time visibility
  • 2 reflective strips for night time
  • 15-35 Litres (3-9 US Gal) capacity
  • Re-useable packing bag (waterproof)
  • Optimum visibility whilst on the road
  • Suitable for most backpacks
  • Makes cyclists highly visible
  • No need to buy a product specific bag
  • Clings to donor bag
  • Commuting to work
  • Walking to school
  • All biking activities where you need to carry stuff
Deluxe Hump - Bluenote

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