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FB-1™ Chemical / Particle with Valves


Red Mask

The filter and valve replacement pack is for use in an FB-1 Respro® Mask. It is a ‘combination’ filter.The filter screens firefighters from dust in circumstances where breathing apparatus would not normally be used, but where it is reasonable to suspect that the surrounding air supply could be contaminated with certain types of invisible dust particulates.

A combination filter has both a Hepa-type filter layer and a DACC layer. This combination of Hepa-type filter layer and DACC in one single filter provides submicron (smaller than PM 2.5) dust filtering capability, together with DACC capability for filtering gases (VOC’s /Acid gases) and vapours. It is the best type of filter available in our range for dealing with the broad spectrum of pollutants

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  • Hepa-Type™ Filter
  • Two Techno™ exhalation valves
  • Releases CO₂, heat and water vapour
  • Simple and unobtrusive
  • Filters out respirable particulates (PM1's)
  • For use in Respro® Fb-1 Mask
  • Forestry firefighting
  • For use in any environment where a particulate threat exists but where B.A. is not specified
  • Attending pumps

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