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Red Mask

The H-belt or Harness Belt is a perfect solution for the daily motorcycle commuter. It creates a light safe profile day and night. It gives the riders an outline that can be seen over 360 degrees ensuring that they can be clearly visible from all angles.

A must have piece of kit for the everyday biker.

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  • Horizontal and vertical adjustment
  • Easy fit
  • Retro reflective and flo-yellow material
  • One size fits all
  • Design allows H-Belt to remain on jacket
  • All round reflective material equals all round visibility
  • Night time and day-time visibility
  • Built solidly for use in all conditions
  • City Motorcyclists
  • Couriers
  • Commuters
  • Emergency workers

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Got this for motorcycle riding. 
Great for city and rural area, ensuring visibility from other vehicles. 
The belt is sturdy and adjustable.  This means I can wear the H-Belt on top of various thickness of motorcycle garment, without it flopping in the wind.

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