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S3V StreetSmart™ Mask Combo x 3

S3V StreetSmart - White

This combo pack gives you £5 pounds off when you buy a box of 3 masks.

The Respro® StreetSmart™ mask is certified to the European Standard (EN149-FFP3). It offers the highest level of protection for the removal of PM2.5. It is equivalent to the American Standard N99, which is higher than N95.

In fact it is so good that it takes out at least 98.7% of all particles considerably smaller than PM2.5 and has been developed in conjunction with our industrial experts.

A regular commuter will find this mask invaluable for their daily trips in the city as it can be re-used in these environments*.

The Respro® StreetSmart™ mask has been specifically designed to ensure an excellent fit for a variety of face shapes and in particular, small faces. The unique inner face seal helps maintain a close and snug fit around the nose and chin areas, which is regarded by experienced fit testers, to be the main weakness on most standard face masks.

This mask comes in a white colour with one size which fits, large, medium and small faces and is glasses compatible.

* if used for Health and Safety at work, this mask is regarded as a ‘single shift’ respirator.

  • Re-usable for the commuter/traveller
  • Electrostatic filter media
  • A unique full-face inner seal for a variety of face shapes
  • A valve for ease of breathing
  • 4-point adjustable head straps
  • The latest filter technology to reduce breathing resistance
  • A pre-formed nose bridge to help maintain a consistent fit
  • Fits face sizes, large, medium and small
  • Ease of breathing at normal breathing rates
  • Excellent functionality (PM 2.5 no bother)
  • Metal free
  • Value for money
  • Daily commutes through polluted cities
  • Perfect for Charity/aid workers in the field

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