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Sam Browne Utility Belt


Red Mask

The Respro® Sam Browne is an updated version on the traditional belt. It now sports more utility features such as entry card or travel card holder and a D ring for keys for convenience when getting on or off your bike. There are also two belts on the Respro® Sam Browne which when fixed together provide one SB Belt or when separate, two waist belts.

The product comes in one size and the material is backed by black woven webbing. This means it will last longer and is less likely to crack as happens in other cheaper products.  A genuinely practical product, great for your daily commute.

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  • Day and night-time reflectivity
  • Two belts in one
  • Utility Belt with card holder
  • Key loop
  • Keeps you visible day or night
  • Extra Storage
  • Can be separated for use by two people
  • Commuting on a push bike
  • Commuting on a motorbike

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