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The X-TREME™ mask sports has been developed for extreme atmospheric conditions, whether they be from freezing temperatures well below zero or high chill factors, as found in snow sports.
Equally, combination conditions such as rain, freezing temperatures and high pollution levels commonly found in urban environments and endured by cyclists and motorcyclists can be extremely uncomfortable.

The X-TREME™ mask sports is made from resilient sports grade neoprene giving protection to the facial and neck region. It has a simple fastening device incorporating adjustable Velcro®, which secures it without fuss at the back of the neck. The X-TREME™ also incorporates an air filtering system that maintains the most appropriate breathing during use.

This X-TREME™ mask for ‘sports use’, like the Cinqro™, employs a Hepa-Type™ sports filter and Powa™ exhalation valves to allow unwanted water vapour out in order to avoid discomfort.

NB: This mask SHOULD NOT be used for INDUSTRIAL APPLICATIONS where a device complying with European Directive 89/686 or 89/656 is required. It should only be used to reduce discomfort caused by exposure to, non-toxic particles where the concentrations do not exceed the National permissible exposure limit for the work place. For devices complying with European Directive 89/686, see our StreetSmart mask and EV range here.

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  • Hepa-Type™ sports filter
  • Two Powa™ valves
  • Made from neoprene
  • Neck warmer
  • Velcro® fastening
  • Filters out sub-micron particulates and exhaust emissions
  • Valves help release CO₂ and water vapour
  • Insulation from cold temperatures
  • Extra Protection
  • Fits without fuss and fully adjustable
  • Snowboarding
  • Motor-X
  • Snow Mobiling

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