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Filter Twin pack - X-treme Sports

Filter Twin pack - X-treme™ Sports - Product

This Filter Pack contains two replacement filters for use with your Respro® X-treme™ Mask. The filter has sub-micron filtration capability. What this means is that it is able to trap particles less than one micron in size so therefore more than capable of the removal of 2.5 micron particulate material (PM), typically found in air of most cities.

Particles smaller than this are known as respirable dusts, which can lodge deep within the lungs and air sacs. This is the more dangerous type of particle pollution as chemicals from vehicle exhaust gases combustion known to be toxic, are carried by means of the respirable particles. Hence the need for a Hepa-type submicron particle filter.

For more information on the life span of your filter please see our FAQs

  • Face soft material
  • Easy breathe
  • Filters out non-toxic dusts, sub-micron particulates and nuisance odours
  • For use with any Respro® mask in polluted cities or towns
Filter Twin pack - X-treme™ Sports - Bluenote

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