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The Foggy®Breathguard is the unique neoprene guard that prevents your visor from fogging up. Visor fogging is a major problem for all bikers and pillion riders - it would be good for car drivers too - if they could see in the first place!

The Foggy®Breathguard is 99.9% effective and is superb value for money. It works with full face crash helmets, is easily fitted and once in place, never has to be removed except for the occasional machine wash. It requires no maintenance - none at all! You simply fit it and forget it.

So if you are still lifting up your visor whilst stationary at traffic lights, then the Foggy®Breathguard is the product for you.

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  • Soft comfortable neoprene
  • Simple application
  • Self sealing nose clip
  • One size fits all
  • No Gel
  • No Film
  • No Mess
  • No Fuss
  • No Fog
  • Motorcycling
  • Road racing
  • Car racing/karting
  • Commuting
  • Snowmobiling

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Mick Evans

I’ve been having issues with my helmet fogging up for some time now.  I recently picked up a Respro Foggy and quite honestly didn’t expect that much of it.  After all it was just a bit of Neoprene.  But as my previous efforts had failed miserably what did I have to lose?

I fitted it into my spare helmet - an ARAI ASTRO-R - in about five minutes.  I had to be careful with the initial fitment to ensure a good close fit, but once fitted it has stayed in place with no issues for some time now.  It’s performance has far outweighed my expectances. 

Initially I was concerned about having a mask fitted so close to my face but in all honestly, once I had gotten used to wearing it it was hardly noticable.  I have a broken nose and using this mask in my helmet is not an issue for me.  It allows me to ride with a totally mist free visor in even the worst of weather.  A plus point is that it still allows fresh air to drawn in from the front vent of my helmet yet the CO that I am breathing out exits the helmet from the underside. 

I also wear glasses and haven’t had an issue with wearing those either.  I simply fit my helmet with the mask securely inside and pop my glasses on.  The nose clip on the Foggy actually helps to secure my glasses in place to so I have no movement on them when riding.

I can wholeheartedly recommend the Foggy to anybody who rides a motorcycle.  Just be aware that it is only usable with FullFace helmets.  It will not fit into Flip Front ones such as the Shoei Neotec etc., Open Face helmet or Motorcross helmets.  For Motorcross helmets, Respro have a different model and there is a Bandit mask for Open Face helmet users.

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