Guideline sizing.

Guideline on mask sizing is available via the size chart on each mask product page, but see below for our sizing warranty program. 

Our sizing warranty program.

In order to take advantage of our sizing warranty program, you must submit your biometric details using the form below. We’ll confirm the size of mask that you should order, and should there be any issues with the size chosen we’ll exchange your mask free of charge.

The images below (or video here) show how to provide accurate measurements (biometric details) of your head, neck, eye to chin and face shape. Please also let us know of any notable features (large nose, beard, glasses etc) that may influence the size of mask you require.


Sizing Guide - Height


Sizing Guide - Weight

Eye to chin

Sizing Guide - Eye to Chin

Head / Hat

Sizing Guide - Head / Hat

Shirt / Neck

Sizing Guide - Shirt / Neck

Face Shape

Sizing Guide - Face Shape

Submit your details for size confirmation:

    We will aim to reply within 12 hours.

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