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CE Cinqro™ Mask

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The CE Cinqro™ mask conforms to an accredited international standard. The mask is CE certified FFP-1R which validates the mask for multiple use (reusable) in health and safety at work environments.

This mask focuses on the ‘urban trainer’, the ‘home runner’ or the multi-sport end user, for whom breathing rates are typically higher than your average commuter.

Inside each CE Cinqro™ box are two filters: Fitted in the mask is a long lasting CE 250 Hepa-Type™ filter for sub-micron particulates which screens fine respirable, sub-micron dusts. The other filter, a combination filter (DACC™+ Hepa-Type™) is for primary pollutants associated with vehicle exhaust emissions. Both are interchangeable, making the CE Cinqro™ mask suitable for use in a wider variety of environments, from inner cities to the countryside.

The Powa™ Elite valves on the Cinqro™ mask allow for faster air flow when working out at elevated breathing rates. This equates to less back pressure, less dampness in the filter, improved filtration and lower inhalation resistance, which in turn leads to improved comfort and performance. An adjustable over the head strap has been included to aid mask stability.

This component combination offers better performance and comfort during physical activity.


Technical Note:  THIS MASK IS FULLY CERTIFIED and CAN be used for INDUSTRIAL APPLICATIONS where a device complying with European Regulation (EU) 2016/425 is required for Personal Protection Equipment purposes.

  • There are two types of filter in each CE Cinqro™ box:
  • Hepa-Type™ CE 250 particle filter fitted
  • Cinqro™ Urban combination filter (not fitted) included in the box
  • POWA Elite™ valves
  • Black metal nose clip
  • Available in three sizes
  • Added Velcro® extension for full adjustability
  • Mk2 adjustable head strap
  • 4 sports design styles and colours
  • Made from Neoprene
  • Mesh carry bag for mask included
  • Improves humidity control in the mask
  • Improved filtration of sub-micron particulates
  • Added filtration for urban pollutants inc:
  • (VOC's, PAH's, LLO and NOX and SOX)
  • Provides facial comfort and compliance
  • Added mask security on top of the head
  • Velcro neck adjustment for easy fit
  • Washable mask covering
  • Outdoor environments which require PPE
  • Off-road sports training
  • All year-round use

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