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Valve Pack- Powa™ Elite


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Red Mask

The Powa™ Elite valve pack contains two Powa™ Elite valves that can be used in the majority of Respro® Masks (with the exception of the Metro™ Mask).

The larger valves provide rapid exhalation of heat, water vapour and Carbon dioxide and has a variable vane system to maximise airflow when it comes to elevated breathing rates while exercising.

The valves come in four different colour combinations, black-gold, black-silver or white-gold, white-silver.

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  • Rapid Air Flow™ valves (RAF)
  • Diaphragm made from medical grade silicon rubber
  • Minimal water vapour build up inside the mask
  • For use with any Respro® mask (with the exception of the Metro Mask)

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I have been using my respro mask for over a year now.

The only problem I have with it, is that it tends to remove my makeup which makes the inside looks like a baby’s nappy that needs changing.

However, this is very effective against people wanting to ‘have a go’ and try it on!

I also get lots of enjoyment when asked why I am wearing it as I almost invariably reply, “it’s to stop me from biting people!”

Otherwise it has changed my life as a person who always and only travels by bike in the city. Funnily, I get the most benefit when I am biking through the countrified bike paths of Amsterdam after the
grass has just been cut.

No more arriving at work with a head full of snot for me!

Thank you Respro!

RESPRO’NSE:” Thanks so much for your feedback. Great to hear the mask is helping you. Just a note regarding the filter. You can wipe the inside that sits close to your face with an anti-bacterial wipe or damp cloth. This will help remove some of the surface dirt and grime until it is time to change it”


Matthew Hoffbrand

An absolute must have if you plan on using for intense exercise like cycling.
Works very very well, huge improvement over the standard.

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