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Valve Pack - Powa™


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Red Mask

The Powa™ Valve Pack contains 2 Powa™ Valves that can be used in the majority of Respro® Masks (with the exception of the Metro™ Mask). These valves have better breathing characteristics at higher airflows, i.e. when breathing heavily in sports or when engaged in strenuous physical exertion.

You can use Powa™ Valves with Techno™ Filters or vice-versa. The Sportsta™ Filter gives better inhalation characteristics over the City™ Filter and the Techno™ Filter.

This combined with Powa™ Valves is why the Sportsta™ Mask is perfect for use in sports activities.

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  • Valves and diaphragm made from medical grade silicon
  • Helps with air flow and condensation
  • For use with any Respro® mask (with the exception of the Metro Mask)

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I love my Sportsta mask! However it does require these special valves which are smaller than others available. I look forward to the site opening to buy these replacements soon. USA

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