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Red Mask

This is Respro’s new polymer seal, the PRO-SEAL®.
It provides an even better seal to your Respro® mask

The PRO-SEAL® can be retroactively fitted into any Respro® mask no matter when you bought it, last week or 23 years ago. It provides improved sealing which reduces inward leakage.  Inward leakage (IL) is unfiltered air that gets in around the sides of a mask and filter because a mask fits poorly or just doesn’t make a proper seal (think ear loop masks). 

The PRO-SEAL® helps keep the filter away from the face which in turn increases the over all surface area of filter material to draw air through which not only reduces inhalation resistance, but makes it easier to breathe through and a more comfortable experience. The PRO-SEAL® is more compliant and accommodates a wide range of face shapes.

The PRO-SEAL® is not a mask, it requires a filter, valves and a mask shell, so don’t forget to get these essential parts from the accessory page here.

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  • Can be retrospectively fitted in any Respro® Sports mask
  • Available in three sizes, M, L, XL
  • Available in two colours, Black and White
  • Suitable for people who wear glasses
  • Accommodates a wide range of face shapes
  • Reduces inward leakage
  • Reduces inhalation resistance
  • Makes the mask easier to breathe through
  • Makes the mask more comfortable
  • Active Sports including
  • Running
  • Cycling
  • Jogging
  • and
  • Walking
  • Bob-sleigh too!

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Really happy with the Proseal addition to my Ultralight and Allergy masks. Really helps seal the mask to my face under all conditions, especially with the fact that I have to shave often and stubble can interfere with the seal without the Proseal. It also helps the mask fit me better as the XL mask is just a bit big. And I could not be happier with the level of customer service. They have responded to questions quickly despite the time difference to Vancouver Canada. They have been very helpful and the masks are helping me immensely when dealing with dust mite and grass allergies; work, working out in the gym, running, even running races with a mask on. And with fire season coming and constant smoke in the air expected, I am totally ready!

Respro’nse: “Thanks for your review Richard. Very happy to hear the Proseal is working well for you. Great to get the feedback”



Bought my Ultralight (black)in 2015 and after using it for 2 years. i just upgraded it with the pro-seal now the filter don’t stick to the face when working out - a great add on to the the mask smile


Alan Plummer

Pure genius!  Inverting the Pro Seal at the top did the trick, and actually makes for a more comfortable fit.  Don’t know why I didn’t think of it.
Thanks for your thoughtful, detailed replies to my questions .
Best customer Service on the Planet.




I live in a rural area and work in a big city, so I’m unused to exhaust smells. The mask (with the Pro-seal fitted) has exceeded my expectations in transforming my commute experience. The railway here runs highly polluting 2-stroke diesels and the air quality in the major stations is horrendous. Also, more often than not, the cars reek of diesel fumes and stench (as the A/C system sometimes suck external air into the train cars or a window is poorly sealed / left open).
Another pleasant aspect of wearing the mask in the train is that it filters out aggressive smells of perfumes, cigarettes and food. I find myself wearing the mask (ultralight) for the entire duration of my commute (~2 hours),  including walking in the street in a hot middle eastern climate.
I have also recommended it to friend of mine who does the same commute, and he bought one as well, so good job with your product smile
RESPRO’NSE: Thanks so much for taking the time to let us know about your environment and how your Respro® Mask works for you. Much appreciated



The Pro-Seal is really good and protects even better from the pollution since there is less chance for the air to pass around the sides of the mask.

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