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Filter Twin Pack -Sports


Red Mask

The Sports filter Pack contains two replacement filters for use in the Respro® Sportsta™ Mask. The Sports filter has sub-micron filtration capability and is usable in both countryside and urban environments.

This Sports hepa-type filter is able to trap particles less than one micron in size (sub-micron) and is more than capable of the removal of PM2.5 respirable particulate matter found in both urban environment.

This filter can be used with any Respro® mask (with the exception of the Metro™ mask) provided that it is the same size filter as the mask size ie; large filter - large mask.

For more information on the life span of your filter please see our FAQs

For Instruction on how to replace a filter in a mask, watch the video here

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  • Sub-micron particulate filter
  • Soft heat welded edging
  • Wicking internal scrim layer
  • Available in 3 sizes
  • Filters out pollen and sub-micron exhaust dusts.
  • Comfortable and skin kind
  • Off road motor sports
  • Horse riding
  • Sports training
  • Walking / Jogging

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