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Valve Pack -Techno City™

Valve Pack -Techno™ City™ - Product

The Techno™ valve is an upgrade from the ‘old’ City™ mask valve which is still being used by some people. The older valve is smaller in size so the Techno™ valve is considered an upgrade when combined with the Techno™ Filter.

The Techno™ valve now comes as standard with all City™ Masks. The Techno™ valve is robust and is perfect for town use. However it does not have the same characteristics as the Powa™ valve when it comes to higher breathing rates associated with physical exertion.

  • Exhalation valves with medical grade silicon rubber diaphragms
  • Allows heat, water vapour and Carbon dioxide out of the mask on exhalation
  • For use with any Respro® mask (with the exception of the Metro Mask)
Valve Pack -Techno™ City™ - Bluenote TECHNO VALVES PACKAGED

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