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Valve & Filter Techno™ Upgrade Kit


Red Mask

The Techno™ Valve and Filter Kit is an upgrade from the ‘old’ City™ Mask Valve and Filter still being used by some people. The larger Techno™ Valve provides for easier breathing alongside the upgrade to the combined chemical/particle Techno™ Filter. 

The Techno™ Valve is robust and perfect for town use however it does not have the same characteristics as the Powa™ Valves when it comes to elevated breathing rates attributed to exercise or physical exertion.

The Techno™ Filter is suitable for use in heavily polluted environments, i.e air that is full of diesel particulates or respirable dusts that lodge deep within the lungs and air sacs.

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  • Easy breathe valves and diaphram made from medical grade silicon
  • 'Combination' Filter comprising chemical and particle filtration
  • Dynamic Activated Charcoal Cloth (DACC™)
  • Filters out non toxic dusts, sub-micron particulates and nuisance odours
  • For use with any Respro® mask (with the exception of the Metro Mask)

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