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X-treme™ Mask Urban

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X-Treme Urban - BlackX-treme Camo Mask

The X-Treme™ Urban mask has been developed for extreme atmospheric conditions, whether they be freezing temperatures well below zero degrees or high wind chill factors. Combination conditions such as rain, freezing temperatures and high pollution levels commonly found in urban city environments endured by cyclists and motorcyclists, can be extremely uncomfortable.

The mask’s shell is made from resilient sports grade neoprene giving protection to the facial and neck region not considered with other air filtering products. It uses a Dynamic Activated Charcoal Cloth filter (DACC™) combined with a Hepa-Type™ filter layer for use in urban and extreme polluted environments.

The filter also acts as a heat exchanger, using your exhaled air to heat up cold/freezing air before it enters the lungs. In turn this reduces the potential for cold air induced asthma and poor lung function especially in the winter season.

The X-Treme™ mask has a simple fastening device incorporating adjustable Velcro®, which secures it, without fuss, at the back of the neck. Three sizes and two colour options are available.

For all round head, neck and lung protection, the X-Treme™ mask is an excellent product for keeping you safe in adverse conditions.

  • Extended Neoprene neck piece
  • DACC™Hepa-Type particle filter fitted
  • Two Techno™ Valves
  • Velcro® fastening
  • Insulation from cold temperatures
  • Filters out exhaust emissions and particles
  • Releases CO₂ and water vapour
  • Fits without fuss and fully adjustable
  • For Cold weather conditions
  • Urban use
  • Motorcycling
  • Courier Work
  • Cycling
X-treme Urban Mask - Bluenote

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