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Replacement for the filter fitted in the Cinqro™ mask. It has sub-micron filtration capability, able to trap particles less than one micron in size (2.5 micron particulate material (PM)).

  • Replacement filter for Respro® Cinqro™ Mask
  • Premium grade Hepa-Type sub-micron filtration (smaller than PM 2.5)
  • User friendly construction
  • Inter-changeable with other models (must be same size)
  • Low inhalation resistance for easy breathing
  • Soft welded edging for comfort
  • Internal scrim layer for wicking moisture

The filter fitted in the Cinqro™ mask has sub-micron filtration capability (same as sports filter) . What this means is that it is able to trap particles less than one micron in size which is more than capable of the removal of 2.5 micron particulate material (PM). 

Typically particulate pollution in the cities appears to be in the 2.5 micron size range. Particles smaller than this are known as respirable dusts, which can lodge deep within the lungs. This is the more dangerous type of particle pollution as chemicals from vehicle exhaust gases combustion known to be toxic, are carried by means of the respirable particles. Hence the need for a Hepa-type™ submicron particle filter.

The Cinqro™ filter pack contains TWO replacement sports filters for use in the Respro® Cinqro™ Mask.

For more information on the life span of your filter please see our FAQs

For Instruction on how to replace a filter in a mask, watch the video here


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2 reviews for Cinqro Sports Filter – Twin Pack

  1. Jasper

    Does the job very well. I use mine in an Ultralight mask when i go running. Cleaning is very simple.

    To give you some idea of its longevity (since I didn’t find that very clear on this site); i clean the filter after about 15-20 hours of running (even though it can probably go on even a bit longer than that). I’ve cleaned it 4 times before thowing it out. After the 3rd cleaning it became slightly fuzzy. After the 4th cleaning the increased “fuzzyness” became slightly irritating when using it. So it was time to get in a new filter.

  2. Caroline Light

    This are great for me in hayfever season especially Rape seed pollen which gives me migraines. These masks and filters means I can go outside and not suffer with pollen and hayfever. I use them for walking/hiking, sleeping when camping and cycling. They have made a huge different to my life and I can’t recommend them enough. Great products.

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