Respro® Mask Adjustable Head Strap MK2

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The MK2 head strap provides extra stability for your mask.

  • Non-slip elastic strap
  • Strap secures to valves
  • Suitable for all masks

The MK2 head strap provides extra stability for your mask. The strap attaches to the valve fasteners and is secured by the valves. When worn, it fits over the top of the head. It reduces the pressure on the nose region and provides a more stable fit. This new upgrade version has an adjustable facility on the elastic that stretches over the top of the head.

The head strap is an added feature for our masks which some people may prefer but, it is not essential for the effective function of the mask.

It comes in one size (adjustable) and can be used with or without a Proseal®.

Click here for video instruction on how to fit a MK2 head strap to your mask.


M, L, XL

7 reviews for Respro® Mask Adjustable Head Strap MK2

  1. Romanian_Cyclist

    My Cinqro mask kept sliding down pushing on my nostrils no matter how tight I’ve locked it. The Respro support team offered me this strap and things were never the same. Now, the mask almost never slides and I’m really happy I can cycle with it within one of the most polluted European capitals. The mask is surprisingly comfortable. Take note, its size is L and I’m using it almost at max stretch. Tighter and the mask will slide upwards towards the eyes. The teeth of the strap bite hard on the mask shell, I’m curious to see if in time the shell will get ruptured. Cheers!

  2. Lewis

    Just wanted to let you know that the headstrap has solved all my fitting problems. Thank you so much !

  3. shelley.nicholson

    This works very well with both my new Cinqro and my old Ultra Light mask. It prevents the masks from slipping or becoming maladjusted.

  4. braketherake

    The white square that usually lets you chose colours, doesn’t mean anything here. It comes in black. I recommend it for comfort. This thing and the Pro-Seal. So plan on buying the masks plus two addons to make wearing the masks, especially for sports, comfy.

  5. bo_shafeeq_kuwait

    It really helps with mask fitment but the small plastic piece that holds the strap together broke after few uses which made me tie it to the piece that is attached to the mask: RESPRO’ NSE: Hi, Send in an image of the broken item to our together with your order number and we will replace it free of charge as part of our back up service.

  6. dennho

    The head strap should be a standard part of every Respro mask. Especially during Covid, customers need that air tight seal so their mask will fit air tight. However, I’m glad I purchased one with my allergy mask. The head strap makes it fit amazing.

  7. mattblack000

    On the whole, a good idea but the straps need to be longer, too tight at maximum extension. sort this out RESPRO and it will be spot on.

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