Combo Pack X 2 - Cinqro™ Urban Filter


Red Mask

A combo pack which gives you two packs of Cinqro™Urban filters (2 in each pack) with a great saving for you.
Simple! We save on our postage and you save on the cost of goods!

Standard price of 2 X filter pack =  £51.98
Our Combo price = £46.98

Saving you £5.00

The Cinqro™ Urban Chemical/Particle filter is a combination filter and is the same specification as the Techno™ filter with a more user friendly construction.

Remember: Each pack contains TWO replacement filters.
For instructions on changing your filter watch the video here

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  • Replacement filter for Respro® Cinqro™ Mask
  • Premium grade filtration
  • DACC™ Activated charcoal
  • Hepa-Type sub-micron filtration (smaller than PM 2.5)
  • User friendly construction
  • Inter-changeable with other models (must be same size)
  • Filters out fine respirable sub-micron dusts (less than one micron in size)
  • Filters out gases and vapours associated with exhaust emissions:
  • - Nitrogen Oxides (NOX)
  • - Sulphur Dioxide (SO2)
  • - Low Level Ozone (LLO)
  • - Volatile Organic compounds(VOC's)
  • - Smelly socks and shoes
  • Running
  • Cycling
  • Jogging
  • Walking

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