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Our top end sports mask, focused on the ‘urban trainer’, the ‘home runner’ or the multi-sport end user, for whom breathing rates are typically higher than your average commuter.

  • There are two types of filter in each Cinqro™ box
    • Filter 1: Hepa-Type™ sports filter for dusty off-road conditions
    • Filter 2: Dynamic Activated Charcoal Cloth filter (DACC™ ) combined with a Hepa-Type™ filter layer for urban environments
  • POWA Elite™ valves
  • Nylon unbreakable nose clip
  • Cinqro® style Velcro® fastening plus extension
  • Made from Neoprene
  • Includes mesh bag for mask safe keeping

The Cinqro™ mask is one of the most recent additions to the Respro® range. It focuses on the ‘urban trainer’, the ‘home runner’ or the multi-sport end user, for whom breathing rates are typically higher than your average commuter. 

The two new Powa™ Elite valves on the Cinqro™ mask allow for faster air flow when working out at elevated breathing rates, i.e. when you are giving it the beans from A to B. This equates to less back pressure, less dampness in the filter, improved filtration and lower inhalation resistance, which in turn leads to improved comfort and performance.

Inside each Cinqro™ box are two filters: one already fitted in the mask; a Hepa-Type™ particle filter, the other a spare. The Hepa-Type™ filter screens fine respirable, sub-micron dusts. The other filter, a combination filter (DACC™+ Hepa-Type™) is for primary pollutants associated with vehicle exhaust emissions. Both are interchangeable, making the Cinqro™ mask suitable for use in a wider variety of environments, from inner cities to the countryside. Finally, a graphics rebuild places the mask squarely in the sports arena rather than the ‘scare the hell out of everyone’ arena.

NB: This mask SHOULD NOT be used for INDUSTRIAL APPLICATIONS where a device complying with European Directive 89/686 or 89/656 is required. It should only be used to reduce discomfort caused by exposure to, non-toxic particles where the concentrations do not exceed the National permissible exposure limit for the work place. For devices complying with European Directive 89/686, see our Streetsmart range here.


Pink, Black, Camo (Black/Grey), Gold, Silver, White, Yellow


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47 reviews for Cinqro™ Mask

  1. Box of Stones

    I am using the Cinqro Mask on my commute to work in London. Absolutely loving it!

  2. Sid

    I wear it for a daily 40K commute and I haven’t had my normal coughing fits like I did previously without the mask at the end of the ride. Great product. I have had it a month now so let’s see how long it lasts!

    Respro says; “We offer a years guarantee on all our masks. We recommend you change your filter regularly.”

  3. tim

    Lost my techno mask and rode for a week in the city without any mask. Lungs were feelin it. Decided to upgrade to a Cinqro mask. Cinqro fits a little better due to the softer more pliable carbon filter. I only changed my techno mask yearly, we’ll see how long this cinqro carbon filter lasts. i ride 10 mile 5x a week. Wouldn’t ride without respro!

    Respro says; “All filters in Respro masks are interchangeable. The filter in the Cinqro is the same spec as the Techno but the build is of a softer construction”

  4. Pieter

    Since I use the Cinqro mask I don’t suffer anymore from my allery. It did take a while before I got used to wearing it. At the beginning I had pain at my nose. Hereafter I wore it a little bit more loose and I’m wearing it higher up on my nose. Now I wear it in the surrounding of car traffic while racing. It’s also unhandy to eat and to drink and when it’s warm you sweat faster. On the other hand is it warm in winter. After all I’m very satisfied with my purchase because it really decreases poor air quality.

  5. Kate

    I wear my mask when I am running after receiving a diagnosis of exercise induced asthma. I am a mouth breather when I run and the cold air was shocking my lungs causing attacks. Since wearing it I have not struggled with asthma attacks and chest muscle pain from breathing too hard. Now I combine it with the right inhalers and am finding no dips in my peak flow after a run. It’s great in the summer not having to breathe in pollen and vehicle fumes thanks to the filters, although very warm to wear on hot days. I would rather be hot than having an asthma attack though. I would recommend asthma sufferers trying a mask to help with the condition.

  6. valerio

    V good but not when the weather temperature is 20 degrees or higher.

  7. Mathieu

    Very good mask, but i think the fitting is not perfect: i’m 1.80m and 65kg… so I ordered a M size, but this is à little short for me. I guess this is why it feels sometimes a bit hot in there. With concern to filtration itself: i’m really happy. Living in the center of Brussels, I feel how it is sparing my lungs! Also had a lot less problems with my allergies since i’m using it.

  8. Harm

    I already used respro before, but the cinqro realy has better performing while biking. Airflow is better and also stays ok while moisture gets in from breathing.

  9. Kayla B

    When I moved to Manhattan from Queens I started to commute by bicycle from the upper east side to my office in soho. After a few days of riding down 2nd avenue I realized that I was weezing and hacking by the time I got to work. With a bit of research I found Respro and purchased the Cinqro mask.

    Now I never ride in the city without it! I may get a couple strange looks but ending my 5 mile ride with lungs that feel fresh as a summer day is well worth it. Yes my face gets a bit of moisture, yes sometimes it can be annoying and hot especially in the muggy summer days here in NYC and yes it was expensive but being able to breathe is worth all of it and then some.

  10. Rod

    Good fit and relatively comfortable mask, but even the largest size is a little too small for me (i’m 6’4”). I have that problem with all brands though!

    RESPRO”NSE:” For issues with fit contact who will be able to assist”

  11. Romain

    I bought this mask to replace an old Sportsta mask. I wanted to be more protected. I think the Cinqro is stronger but it didn’t fit my face as the Sportsta did.

    The filter seems to be very good. If you don’t have a very little face, take the L size.

    RESPRO’NSE: “All our masks are made from the same size template so the L in the Cinqro is the same as the L in the Sportsta model. It must be the variation on the material.i.e the Sportsta will have more stretch as there is mesh on the side panels”

  12. tim

    Have been wearing my cinqro for over 6 months now and I think its time to replace the DACC filter. Soft cotton like fibers on underside of filter touching face are unweaveing a bit. Seems to filter just fine. I ride 10 miles 5x/ week. that equates to 5 hours of riding with plenty of traffic. What would I do without Respro – Suffer – been there done that. I tell everyone who asks – RESPRO Bro!

  13. Marco

    The difference, wearing or not wearing the mask, is evident. In the last 3 years I unfortunately developed a light type of asthma. Now, I bike in town, and if I bike for only 20 minutes I will cough and have noises in my lungs. With the mask, instead, nothing happens. I’m completely satisfied.

  14. Thomas

    Great product. Easy to adjust. Filters are easy to change and so efficient : where I live, in Paris, a few months ago we have had a few days of pollution peaks, that were so important that the authorities decided to stop car traffic for half of the cars circulating these days. My masks captured within a few hours the pollution of a whole month, the filter turning quickly brown. The other bikers I crossed those days were all affected by headaches or a slow breathing. Not me…

  15. JC

    I used to have the techno and thought the cinqro would work better, plus I liked the white color. The new valves twisted off too easily and I lost one the first week. The headband is also cut weird and thicker such that if you look down you loose the seal. The cinqro has better airflow with the new valaves but the techno works better because it was stretchier and you could move your head all around (biking, working) without it gapping.

    RESPRO’NSE: “Thanks for taking the time to post your review JC. We are sorry to hear you lost your valves so soon. Please contact who will send you replacements. Incidentally, the Cinqro and the Techno Mask are dimensionally the same. Only the rear of the mask is different.”

  16. Martha

    I bought an allergy mask from you first, which did not fit well as there were no measurements at the time in your web site for choosing the size and I chose ‘small’. It was too small and did not fit well. Then I won the Cinqro!! thank you so much! and this time the fitting instructions were very clear so it fits perfectly. I am very pleased with it. Before the mask I had to lock myself in one fairly pollen proofed room every morning from June to August. With the mask I can go out with no problems, and it is comfortable to wear. I am sure the plain allergy mask works just as well to filter the pollen but breathing through the Cinqro is easier.


    It’s a perfect mask to wear on a high speed bike.

  18. florian

    Good mask and filters are easy to use and very efficient particularly the Urban filters (exhaust gases do not smell) . Using it every day and whatever the weather, it is resistant. About design, after 2 months, stickers on the sides, peeled off and tore.

    NB: Beyond what I was thinking above, Respro considered my inconvenience and sent me another mask to replace the damaged shell. Very good mask & customer service.”

    Respro says; “We offer a years guarantee on our all our masks.Thank you for alerting us to this issue.”

  19. Alexandru

    The mask works very well in urban traffic polluted conditions. The only minus is related about the nose clip. This clip is too tight on the bottom of the nose (nostrils) and practically blocks breathing through the nose. Without this weak point, the Cinqro mask would have been a perfect product.

    Respro says;“The nose clip should to be placed on the upper bridge of your nose. It should not be near the nostrils! If it is, as you suggest, it will impact on your breathing for sure. Please view our video on how best to fit a Respro Mask”

  20. Rebecca

    I like the mask overall and it is easier to breathe through while riding my bike hard than my other Respro masks. This mask does run small and it is difficult to keep in place. I feel that the addition of an over the head strap would help that issue significantly. I added my own to my other Respro masks, however, I am afraid if I attempt to sew a strap to the neoprene the thread will pull through. Any thoughts?

    RESPRO’NSE: ” What colour of Cinqro have you got? If you write to our with a photo of your mask they will be able to assist you further. Glad to hear you are breathing more easily on those tough rides! Keep up the good work”

  21. Robert

    Firstly, I do think this is a great mask. However, I live in Singapore where it is very hot and humid all year round. This mask is useable in this weather, for even fast 10k tempo runs and long slow 25k runs. The only problem is that it gets very wet after about 30 minutes and you have to then take it off every 15-20 minutes to shake the sweat out of the filter fabric. Despite this, I do use it on high pollution days (when our neighbours in Indonesia are slashing and burning their crops) because I’d rather stop to shake the sweat out of the mask than breath in the smoke particles that are in the air! Singapore is a very health conscious country with lots of keen runners and cyclists. If Respro can come up with a mask that doesn’t absorb so much moisture, they would sell tens of thousands here.

    RESPRO”NSE: ” Robert, thanks for your comments. Great to hear the mask is working for you. Getting used to it in humid climates takes a while and as you rightly point out long runs or fast short runs will bring moisture. Make sure you dry out your filter and mask well in-between runs. Also don’t forget to give your filter a wash when it begins to look grubby on the inside. Instructions on this can be found in the FAQ section.”

  22. ramp

    It works well while riding my bike here in Madrid but maybe I missed my size because sometimes it hurts my nose … well at least it filter the diesel fumes:

    Respro says: “Glad to hear the mask is working well for you. To ensure that you are wearing your mask correctly and that it is a good fit, place the nose clip firmly on the bridge of your nose. This will make it much more comfortable to wear.”

  23. Andrea

    The main reason I bought my Cinqro was because I run a lot in Milan, so I decided to try this model (it’s my first experience with an anti smog mask while running), because from my home to the place I run there are more or less 4 km of busy streets with lots of cars. I have to say, I expected the mask to be useful also while doing fast runs but I found it almost impossible. After a few runs though I understood perfect ventilation is not easy while wearing a mask, so I decided to wear it only during my slow jogs, or while warming up. And it works very well for that, and I feel the little resistence you feel while breathing had a positive effect cause it improved my breath by making it a little more difficult. Now I am used to do slow runs with the Respro and I am very satisfied. I also wear it when I bike and when I ride my scooter (it also provides a little warmth, which is nice), and I cannot believe I used to go on a scooter without an anti smog mask. I don’t know how it’ll be to run in the hot summer, I am concerned the mask might be too much at high temperatures but I cannot be sure right now: I will post an update when I’ll try. Overall I am very satisfied with this product, I have it in silver which is pretty cool too. I think there could be some improvements to do, in particular regarding stability of the mask (I’d like to be able to move my mouth and open it without causing the mask to move, maybe something that connects to the ear might help?) and the ability to take it on and off without having to stop ( I know it’s not easy, but sometimes, especially while running, I have to spit or clean my nose, and I have to take off the mask in order to do it). Another upgrade could be a nose clip that supports sun glasses, or an official Respro goggles that fits perfectly on the mask…that would be awesome! And of course, I hope you keep improve the air flow: it can always get better. Thanks a lot a very happy customer

    RESPRO’NSE: “Andrea, thank you for taking the time to write such a responsive review of our product. We appreciate your comments. We are continually developing our range of masks, updating and re-designing so watch this space!!”

  24. Aditya

    I have used this mask 4 times in new delhi, 2 times for a run and 2 times for a bike ride. it takes a bit getting used to for the run as the airflow is still a bit restricted but i guess one could get used to it, but you do end up breathing from your mouth. I dont think it would work for a long 20k+ run, as it would need much more effort to breathe – so far i have done 8 or 9k, For the bike ride, i think its ok because of the increased speed.

    the other challenge is changing the filter, it not so easy and there isnt any clear instructions provided. I changed the filter from the HEPA to the one for the city. As far as effectiveness, bit early to say but i think the dryness in the back of the throat that one gets when running in a polluted environment seemed much less, maybe its in the mind but i think it helped.

    RESPRO’NSE: “Thanks for your feedback. We suggest that you look at our youtube video instruction into how to change your filter here”

  25. Franky

    I purchased my Cinqro in late 2013. I’ve been using the mask to commute and ride my bicycle at the local bicycle club. I live in Phoenix, Arizona, USA where it is very hot. The neoprene is not as comfortable in the summer, but the benefit of not coughing at the end of the ride far outweighs the discomfort. Now, I found the strap (neoprene) is broken, hanging by the material on the inside of the mask. The neoprene just broke/cracked. I’m very disappointed I will be without my mask for this weekend’s rides! Overall, I am happy and will purchase a replacement. Too bad… I’ve to take a star off my rating.

    RESPRO’NSE: “Franky, thanks for the review. We are happy to hear the mask is working for you but not happy to hear the neoprene strap has broken. Please contact with a photo of the damaged outer shell and they will arrange a replacement for you.”

  26. Beno

    I love my mask. I use it for cycling both in central london at at home. The only issue I have is sometimes my glasses strart to steam up when sat at traffic lights but I think this is due to the shape of my glasses as they go over the top of the mask. Does make a difference to my lungs.

    One think that shocked me was the FAQ recommendation to replace the filter every month… On that basis the TCO of the mask is really quite expensive if you’re a regular commuter.

    RESPRO’NSE: ” Thanks for your review Beno. Great to hear you are finding the mask beneficial. Re the filter, we would recommend that if a mask is used for commuting every day, then the filter should be replaced once a month; fair wear and tear together with hygiene dictates the replacement time rather than the filter failing to filter. Regarding your glasses -Is the steaming on the inside or the outside of your glasses? Please write to customer for more advice”

  27. Olly

    I live on the Irish Coastline and Summer in Ireland leads to a very high pollen content in our air (and those airplanes flying overhead seem to spray out trails of white stuff, but they stop spraying it when they begin to fly over the Sea!), anyway, with the Cinqro I can run 5 or 10km without the Hayfever affecting me too much (and hopefully block out whatever that white stuff is coming out of them Planes too!) I just received the Carbon filter today, so I must give it a try on a run this evening. Keep up the good work Respro.

    RESPRO’NSE: “Thanks for the review Olly. Great to hear the mask is doing its job.To minimize the effects of pollen on your system, we would also advise wearing eye protection as the protein that causes the reaction can get into your blood stream via any mucous membrane including the eyes.”

  28. mauricio

    I am using my new Respro Mask and it is good. First thing I noticed is that the carbon filter is already combined with a hepa filter so you just use one filter in the mask. (I didn´t read properly and I thought that it had two filters at the same time fitted in the mask). Definitely, the mask improved the quality of the air I breath. I can still smell some of the fumes and tobacco of pedestrian smoking on the streets but it is less than before. I believe the mask is the right size for me (according to measurements and the way it feels). The valves are a great help to realize the air you exhale, it is excellent. Overall quality is good, filter does a nice job, however you still breath some fumes.

    RESPRO’NSE: “Great to hear the mask is helping you. Please make sure you have the mask secured on the bridge of your nose and around your chin. If in doubt take a photo of yourself wearing the mask and send it to customer services who will advise further”

  29. Vlad

    I’ve been using Cinqro mask for a couple of months now and must say I’m delighted with it’s performance. I used to have a Techno (which I lost…) and as a glasses wearer it seems the Cinqro is not only much better at filtering out the pollution but also at not fogging me up. Worth pointing out that this may be due to the fitting advice received from Respro (thanks Harrison). I’m the first to usually discard manufacturer’s advice, but would highly recommend you follow it here , strings and all, to get the best result.

    Delighted with the product, delighted with the customer service

  30. Shannon

    I purchased my Cinqro Spring 2015 and am really enjoying it. I regularly travel to China in cities with poor air quality (typical 150+ AQI). I had given up running outside when traveling due to health affects from poor air quality. Thankfully a friend in Shanghai suggested the Cinqro. The Cinqro mask has seen 15+ hours of running in China and it is performing well. As some have highlighted, it is worth taking the time & measurements to fit properly. I was right on the border of Med / Lrg sizes and went with the large after consulting Respro customer service – Thanks! The mask vents really well and after a few miles I barely notice it’s there. When done with a run I hang it in the hotel room and let it dry overnight for the next days run. Works like a charm.

    I get all kinds of looks running with the Cinqro, but a quick Nihao from the behind the mask usually is met with a smile & wave.

    I live in the US and did have to pay about $30 duty on an express shipment, but I was happy to pay it since the mask arrived in time for a two week trip this spring. The Cinqro mask has allowed me to continue running outside in China while taking in great local experiences. Totally recommended! Thanks Respro!

  31. John

    Biking around Hanoi in 36c heat my Cinqro clearly cuts out the 24/7, chokingly thick traffic fumes. Take the mask off and nostrils immediately inflame. I never home without it now! Important to double-check the (fiddly) Powa valves are fully secured when changing filters – or they fall off in traffic. But customer services help if this happens.

  32. luc

    Respro let’s me live again. I live in Belgium in the country side, at the border of a little village. But the pollution you can have because of the burning of coal, lignite, wood and other dirty stuff is incredible (and than the say something about cars). With my cinqro mask I can do my runs even in the dirty air, it is the good average of filtration and respiration. Thank you for your great product. Question is as well: When will Belgium or Europe do something about the pollution produced by burning all this dirt (coal, …)???

    Respro’nse: Thanks for your review. Great to hear the product is doing it’s job. And yes we all will continue to campaign for cleaner air.

  33. language block

    Never leave the house without it. Ever! I’d give it a 5 if it wasn’t for the straps near the velcro fell apart after about 6 months. I have silver ones, 2, and I think the process of getting the colour scheme on to the masks more than likely weakens the straps. Sent pictures to customer services and they are replacing them for me. Other than that I am very happy with the Cinqro!

  34. nickpbrowne

    I had ordered the Sportsta mask but then wondered if it was the best one for filtering pollution on my commute to work. Harrison of customer service was excellent – he included a sample of a better filter i can use with my mask with my order – no charge. Outstanding!

  35. Romanian_Cyclist

    I’ve chosen this mask for the 2 filters and it’s super fast valves. They are great! I’m a cyclist and I can breathe normal with the mask on. Huge difference of air quality! Indeed, the cigarette smoke is devious and passes the mask filters. Unfortunately, I was among those who had trouble with fitting it. My mask kept sliding downwards pushing on the nostrils no matter how tight I locked it. Too tight and the back neck was in pain also. I’ve contacted customer support and they were really helpful! They gave me the strap for free and things got really really better. Now I can cycle with the mask on and enjoy a cleaner air! The product is great, it just needs to sort out or come up with a better method to fit all of my weird head shape.

  36. Frederik Maes

    I live in a capital city and use my bike daily to go to my work. Since I use the Cinqro mask from RESPRO, I can breath again in a normal way. You really feel that all poisened gases are filtered away and cannot enter the mask. On winterdays nowadays it is even good to protect my face against cold. Sometimes people look strange, but mostly people are interested in where I have bought my mask. I always recommend RESPRO. There customer service is good and the website is full of information.

  37. Angelo

    I’m a sports person. I used the Cinqro mask from mid January to end of April to protect me from pollen since I’m very allergic to it. I have to say that this mask did a wonderful job! I could train and even compete with it, mostly in trail-running. Yes sometimes I was struggling to breathe in training or competitions, especially when the weather became warmer, but I am very happy that I could use my lungs and be able to train and compete. I use it in when climbing, snowboarding but mostly when running. 2016 race series was great! Thanks Respro team.

    RESPRO’NSE: “Cheers Angelo. Great to hear you are back at your peak fitness and that the allergies have been kept at bay with the Cinqro Mask. Thanks for the review”

  38. c99a

    A pollution mask is a must have when commuting in a large overcrowded Bucharest. Especially useful in the winter, the Cinqro mask acts like a buffer when breathing cold air. Also, the peace of mind when wearing it is a feeling I cannot go without. It looks cool and gives you confidence. I regret not using one in the first 6 months of riding a bicycle. The support team here is also great, being very helpful in whatever situation may appear. Keep up the good work

  39. me

    World of difference between the Cinqro Mask and the City Mask. This one actually fits my face! The material seems to give less so I get a good seal and no air leaks in. The longer velcro straps at the back are useful for finer adjustment compared to the square velcro pads on the City Mask.

    Best part is the Elite valves definitely make a difference for breathability when running. My breath doesn’t just shoot back into my face anymore.

    Only minor grievance is I wish Respro would air out these masks more before shipping or store both filters in a separate bag as when I got it the filter had a strong chemical/neoprene smell that took a few hours to go away. Was so strong I could taste it when breathing in!

    Very happy with the mask, I combined it with the Respro Mask Strap to keep it from falling down my face when running and it couldn’t be better!

  40. Emily

    I ordered the Cinqro Mask for commuting in London. I used the email template to check my size having used the measurements guide. I was struggling to get the mask to fit once it arrived but sent pictures to Harrison who gave me very helpful advice and it fits perfectly! It is comfortable and his help made all the difference. I really appreciate it. Thank you!

  41. Randy

    I was so impressed with your product and customer service that I bought a second Cinqro mask. The mask is comfortable to wear while running and bicycling through the busy streets of Dhaka. I’ve been telling my workmates about your products and service. Thank you again!

  42. Abigail Long

    I loved this mask! I bought one before going to study abroad in Shanghai for a semester. I am on my university’s track and cross country teams so I needed to run every day and this mask made a huge difference in being able to train even when pollution was not the best. 100% recommend.

  43. shelley.nicholson

    I don’t like this mask anywhere near as much as my UltraLight mask (which is pretty much perfect). The graphic design on this mask prevents the fabric from stretching, and it doesn’t fit to my face as nicely as my Ultra Light. The off-gassing upon taking the mask out of the packaging is dreadful. Hopefully after airing it out for a few days the smell will dissipate. This one didn’t include a carry bag, which my Ultra Light (purchased from Mountain Equipment Co-Op in Canada) included. It will work as a backup to my old Ultra Light, but it won’t replace it.

  44. gandroid

    All good here! After several Months of more or less daily use, still satisfied, the Shell still works fine, the Valves, too. In Combination with the Seal Pro even better, because the Filter itself does not stick to the skin (moisture). Sometimes, when i wear the mask more than two hours or so, and it’s getting uncomfortable because of the heat, i start to breath through the mouth and the masks cools down. Soon i will order also the Head Strap MK2, because when wearing the mask for longer time, and also with moving the head a lot, the feeling of wearing the mask is like it’s pulling it down (in fact, it doesn’t do this). So in combination with the Head Strap MK2, which is fixed at the Valves and goes diagonal upwards on the Skull, will stabilize the wearing of the mask.

  45. ian_white1

    Terrible company, terrible product. mask doesn’t fit like others I bought and they wont refund. Sent pictures of discrepancies in sizes and they dont budge. DO NOT BUY FROM RESPRO— RESPRONSE: “You were sent a response from our CS team and your Paypal claim was not upheld. As detailed on our website the Ultralight material is different from the Cinqro material (elasticated polyester mesh vs Neoprene) The mesh material on the Ultralight has more initial stretch. The decal on the sides of the Cinqro mask temporarily reduce the elasticity of the material. You can pre-stretch the Neoprene and use the extra velcro extension strip provided with each mask should it be required. The mask face fit on each sized mask is exactly the same. NB: We do not delete bad comments. We close them to the public until our CS team get a chance to respond-thank you”

  46. k.sch

    Finally I got my hands on a Cinqro mask and I am pleased with it. I am still working on how to put it on to have a good fit with the glasses. The additional seal and head strap are a good addition. The glasses are not steaming up but my vari-focal is a bit disturbed as the glasses are sitting slightly higher. The head strap helps a bit with the pressure on the nose because the mask is perfect sitting on the nose. Altogether it is a nice product which is even after several hours of wearing during the day comfortable.

  47. NYOG

    I had to hack this mask to get the right fit, perhaps because I ride a recumbent, so my head and neck angle are quite different, but have since been very pleased with it. If you are getting a gap at the bottom edge, you can cut out a curved wedge, and reseam either by hand or zigzag on a sewing machine, just behind the valves (look at existing seams to see what they should look like. Of course this will invalidate the warranty, but it was worth it to me, because I now get a good seal around all edges, without having to pull the strap so tight that it is really uncomfortable. BTW–the next size down was too small, so not an option.

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