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Respro® Mask Strap


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Red Mask

This strap is an extra secure device for your mask. It is a fully adjustable, one size accessory that helps support and seal the mask. Click here to watch the simple how to fit video.

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  • One size, fully adjustable
  • Two colours
  • Extra secure
  • Takes pressure of nose clip
  • All activities

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Just wanted to let you know that the headstrap has solved all my fitting problems. Thank you so much !



My Cinqro mask kept sliding down pushing on my nostrils no matter how tight I’ve locked it. The Respro support team offered me this strap and things were never the same. Now, the mask almost never slides and I’m really happy I can cycle with it within one of the most polluted European capitals. The mask is surprisingly comfortable.
Take note, its size is L and I’m using it almost at max stretch. Tighter and the mask will slide upwards towards the eyes smile The teeth of the strap bite hard on the mask shell, I’m curious to see if in time the shell will get ruptured. Cheers!

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