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Respro® Head Strap-MK2


Red Mask

The MK2 head strap provides extra stability for your mask. The strap attaches to the valve fasteners and is secured by the valves.
When worn, it fits over the top of the head. It reduces the pressure on the nose region and provides a more stable fit. The head strap is an added feature which some people may prefer but, it is not essential to the effective function of the mask.

It comes in one size and can be used with or without a Proseal®.
Click here for video instruction on how to fit a MK2 head strap to your mask.

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  • Non-slip elastic strap
  • Strap secures to valves
  • One size fits all size masks
  • Helps secure the mask's position on face
  • Takes pressure of nose region
  • Suitable for all Respro® sports masks
  • Not suitable for Streetsmart™ masks

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