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Would you like a lighter mask for the hot, summer months? If your filters and valves are still fresh, then no need to buy the whole mask again, just buy the new Ultralight™mask shell.

The Ultralight™mask shell is a 4-way stretch, air permeable (allows air to pass) technical fabric that allows the face to breathe in hot and humid conditions. This replacement Shell comes with an unbreakable nose clip and a secure velcro fastener neck to ensure for a good seal around your face.

Note: All Respro® mask shells are interchangeable with all filters. Make sure you match the correct size: For example a medium sized mask works with a medium sized filter

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  • 4 way stretch Ultralight™ material
  • air-permeable
  • Replacement shell for ANY Respro® mask
  • Multi-functional
  • Excellent in hot, humid environments

Unsure of your size? See our Sizing Guide

Respro® Mask Sizing Guide

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I commute to work around London on a motorbike.  I almost wish I hadn’t bought one of these filters as now I can see the particles that were once going into my lungs.  Great piece of kit for the motorcyclist commuter as it is light yet functional, fits under the chin section on my flip lid and doesn’t add any time to the morning kit up ritual as it is so easy to get on and off.  The only slight niggle is that when you pull the filter down to talk to someone (paying for fuel, explaingin to police why you were doing that speed etc) the filter moves out of position when you put it back.  I’ve bought a pro-seal to rectiify that and upgraded the filter to the techno.  Otherwise a perfect motorbike mask.

RESPRO’NSE: Thanks for your comment. We look forward to hearing how you get on with the Proseal.



What a great idea- cooler, more breathable. But, um, it’s supposed to be for when it’s hot. Why on earth did they cook black and army green as the only two colours? I don’t want dark colours in summer! I’ll stick with my allergy mask for now, but it would be lovely if you had lighter colours.

RESPRO’NSE:” Thanks for your feedback. We are introducing a ‘sand’ colour to the Ultra-light range very soon. Watch this space!!”

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