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A cutting edge urban sports mask featuring Powa™ Elite exhalation valves and Proseal® for a great fit whatever your face shape.

  • Proseal® comes fitted
  • POWA Elite™ valves
  • Techno™ combination filter for chemical and particle filtration
  • Formable Noseclip
  • Cinqro® style Velcro® fastening plus extension
  • Made from Neoprene
  • Includes mesh bag for mask safe keeping

The Respro® Techno Plus™ is the newest addition to our sports range and a move forward in terms of efficiency, effectiveness and style. The Techno Plus™ uses the Proseal® which provides better compliance to the range of face shapes of the global population. This in turn offers better performance and more comfort.

The Techno Plus™ uses a Techno™ filter, which comes fitted with the mask. It is a combination of Hepa-Type™ and DACC™ filter media in one single filter, provides sub-micron (smaller than PM 2.5) dust, gas and vapour filtering capability. This is the best combination of filter specification for dealing with the broad spectrum of pollutants commonly found in major cities across the globe.

A crucial requirement for comfort, is the ability to expel heat and water vapour produced on each breathing cycle. The valves on the Techno Plus™ have been upgraded to Powa™ Elite exhalation valves for humidity control.

As for the styling…. it’s ‘bang on trend. The name badge on the side of the masks, reference the 1968 Olympic Gold medalists who made protests on behalf of their cause: Medium – Caslavska (CZK) – Russia invades Czechoslovakia, Large – Smith (USA) – Black Power and the Civil Rights Movement, XLarge Bob Beamon (USA) – Cool, World Record long jump by a mile ( recently surpassed )- Civil Rights Movement.


Technical Note: This mask SHOULD NOT be used for INDUSTRIAL APPLICATIONS where a device complying with European Directive 89/686 or 89/656 is required. It should only be used to reduce discomfort caused by exposure to, non-toxic particles where the concentrations do not exceed the National permissible exposure limit for the work place. For devices complying with European Directive 89/686, see our Streetsmart range here.


Speed, Mary-J


M, L, XL

8 reviews for Techno Plus™ Mask

  1. Don Horn

    I’ve had blood tests indicate my sport pistol shooting has resulted in a steady increase in lead levels since I began testing in 2017. I tried various ways to minimize my exposure to lead during gun cleaning, reloading etc but with little affect. It wasn’t until I realized exposure was happening at the range by breathing in the fumes/smoke during competition that I was able to effectively reduce the exposure and see a dramatic reduction. In May this year I purchased a Respro Techno Plus mask with the carbon filter and wore it for two months. My lead level dropped by 31% from my previous test. I can only attribute this to the use of the Respro mask and am very satisfied with the outcome! I definitely recommend the mask for sporting shooters using indoor ranges

  2. Jason Rosvick

    I purchased the Techno Plus mask for my wife who suffers from respiratory issues year-round. We were hit rather aggressively with wildfire smoke this spring, and without the mask she was trapped indoors with our air purifier set to max all day. I placed the order with Respro on Saturday and asked them to help us out, and they were able to overnight the mask from the UK to Canada Monday morning. By Tuesday, my wife was outside walking and enjoying the smoke-filled air without a single breathing issue. The Techno Plus is a godsend for her, and the customer service is absolutely perfect! I’d give 7/5 stars if I could. You’ve made customers for life, Respro!

    RESPRO”NSE: “Thanks so much for taking the time to review the Techno Plus. Great to hear it is helping with the wildfires in your part of the world. Great stuff”

  3. Keith Ambury

    Have had the mask ( Techno Plus) for a few days and wear it while cycling. Currently we are under Air Quality Advisories due to large forest fires north of our location plus the usual citiy polloutants. The Respro Mask appears to be effective and is easy to breath through without being excessively hot in 26 C temperatures. As I suffer from respitory issues it is an excellent addition to my gear. One word of caution however is to be carefull with sizing. Using the Respro sizing chart I ordered a Medium and now believe a Large would fit better. Overall I would heartily recommend this product.

  4. Flip Thompson

    Bought the Techno+ last year when the fine-particle pollution where we live in Korea was on the climb (white/medical masks just don’t cut it). They are fantastic! Great fit and awesome looks (get compliments all the time). Now with current elevated cautions in effect, everyone wants to know where I got my mask! RESPRO’NSE: Thanks for taking the time to leave your feedback. Great to hear the mask is working for you. Much appreciated”

  5. Killhippie

    This is a great mask, it fits well and I can breath easily though it, it is a tad warm in the 31 degrees Celsius we had the other day, but still was wearable. I cannot smell any bad odours though it and have noticed already my breathing is better as we have heavy pollution where I live. I’m a wheelchair user so it takes a while to get around and this mask really helps near the roads and in my electric chair when in traffic too. A great purchase.

  6. mrc

    Had used respro masks on and off before, but have started wearing the techno plus nearly every time I go out either walking or cycling… Did take a bit of time to adjust to wearing a mask, but once you get used to wearing it you almost forget you have it on… I can tell the difference if I forget to wear my mask , get the odd funny look of passers by but as most people are wearing masks now it isn’t as bad as it used to be… I use the head strap with myn and makes the mask more comfy able to wear and keeps it in place a lot better than just using Velcro strap…

  7. ewanmurraybills

    I bought this mask after inputting all my biometric data in and getting a response detailing that I should buy an xl. It was too big. £65 down the drain even though they state there’s a size guarantee. Unfortunately they’ve removed their phone number that was on the site and won’t respond to emails. So be careful, they don’t list measurements, they want you to contact them by email only, they might give you the wrong size to order and then don’t respond to emails with no way of contacting them. Other than that the masks of okay quality, the decals are pretty tacky – looking like they’ve been ironed on and honestly the pro seal gets way too hot and is going to require way more maintenance cleaning wise. The last thing is the head strap should come with all your masks as standard. Not an extra add on as its really uncomfortable.

  8. glenspeed

    Conceptually the mask seems to hit all the marks. Proseal cage to keep the mask and filter well off your face, high flow valves for hi volume breathability, super high quality filters. All good there, but the main flaw is the skin fitting system just does not work great for 2 of us that bought these. The fixed angle of the restraining strap is not ideal and is constantly pulling the mask down or putting pressure on your cheeks so you are constantly aware the mask is not just sitting evenly on your face. Yes you could do up the strap even tighter but then it just digs in to your cheeks even more making it uncomfortable after a few minutes. We even bought the extra restraining head strap which does help but then you have to deal with two different straps and it becomes more of an exercise to put your mask on and off. Nit picking but then why can’t the design also be simple by making the mask restraint go over the ears and loop around the back from there. RESPRO’NSE: Regarding the relative position of the ears to nose bridge or the ‘pull’ on the nose area: This can be solved in several ways. 1.The mask should be fitted high up right between the eyes with the nose clip being shaped to the bridge of the nose itself. 2. The extra head strap can be used to lift the mask up releasing pressure on the nose bone, securing it in the correct position. The extra strap may be an encumbrance to some, but given the variability of facial features on the human face any solution will not work for a percentage of users. The simplicity of our design allows most people to have an effective comfortable solution.

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