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The Ultralight mask™ features a ‘four-way stretch’, air-permeable technical fabric that allows the face to breathe in hot and humid conditions.

  • 4-way technical stretch fabric
  • Breathable Material
  • Available in small
  • Features Powa™ Elite valves
  • Hepa-Type™ sports filter
  • Easy Velcro® fastening
  • Metal, formable nose clip
  • Nylon mesh carry bag

The material used in the Ultralight mask™ is a ‘four-way stretch’, air-permeable technical fabric that allows the face to breathe in hot and humid conditions.

The Ultralight™ Olive Green and Black comes with a Black/Silver Powa Elite™ valve and a Black metal nose clip 
and carry bag. The Sand model comes with White/Gold Powa Elite™ valves and a White metal nose clip. The Hepa-Type™ sports filter is fitted as standard – the perfect PM2.5 filter for urban areas high in diesel particulates or hot, dusty conditions.


Sand, Black, Green


S, M, L, XL

49 reviews for Ultralight™ Mask

  1. Respro Admin

    Love this product

  2. Frank

    purchased the Ultra LIght to replace my broken 2013 Cinqro—replacement just arrived free of charge from Respro! I live in Phoenix, Arizona, USA, where it is very hot in the summer and hot for about 5 months out of the year! I have been using my new Ultra LIght for almost one month and I love it! It is cooler on my face and I can feel air on my face behind the mask! I can’t wait to use it in the summer months, when I used to wear my Cinqro at up to 104 degrees Fahrentheit (I haven’t ridden in higher temp yet although Phoenix can easily reach 110 F. It will be an awesome summer rides.

    * Highly recommended for warmer weather!

    The best part, now I can save my Cinqro for winter riding.

  3. gil_972

    Pros: * the XL mask fits comfortably over the mentioned weight limit (I’m about 30 KG over the limit mentioned in the sizing table) * as an urban cyclist, the filter does well in eliminating car exhaust smells * I am able to get enough air through the valves, which was a main concern for me

    Cons: * the mask is light, but not light enough. riding @ 25C and 70% humidity, it get’s warm inside, though not to a degree that makes me very uncomfortable, but oh, the humidity. After about 5 Km it got very humid inside I had to take a break and ventilate the mask.

    All in all, good product, will use again, but only for “hard” segments.

  4. Alonso

    The ultralight mask is just as advertised, very light not just weight wise but also breathing wise, I’ve tried others and this one by far is better. One thing though, I ordered the medium one and is a bit small for my I’m 1.7m tall (5’ 7”) and it’s a bit small, I would recommend getting at least one size larger than your typical size. Despite this, the masks fits ok, and seals very well so you breath through the filter which is what matters.

  5. Giovanni

    I bought an Ultralight after having used a Techno for more than 5 years. When I’ve tried the UL for the first time I was quite disappointed as the plastic nose clip didn’t provide a sufficient seal. The smell was awful and my breath flowed directly into my eyes, fogging my glasses. I wrote the customer service and they replied immediately. They asked a photo of me wearing the mask, gave some advise but after a while thy sent me a new mask customized with a metal nose clip. Now it works perfectly! The meshed fabric is really a advancement, comfortable, breathable and much cooler than my old mask! I don’t know what to think: I see that a lot of people have been using CInqro (plastic nose clip) and no one complains. …My face is normal indeed and I do not have any particular feature, but the plastic clip was a real big problem for me…

    My ratings: 1 star to the Ultralight with the plastic clip. 5 stars to the Ultralight with the metal clip. 10 stars to Respro Customer Service…reliable and supportive beyond all expectations!!! Just a suggestion: why do not consider of let people choose the type of nose clip?

  6. David

    If the filters are as good as advertised, the Ultralight is great for people in the city commuting to work. The fabric is soft on the skin and the mask really feels light, although durable. Nevertheless, if you speed up your pace, you’ll feel a lack of oxygen. I recommend not to use it for working out or high performance actifities.

  7. Rob

    This mask is doing just what I wanted it to do. I can now go running without triggering my asthma. There’s obviously some resistance when breathing, but it feels like this is actually strengthening my lungs. My overall pace didn’t drop when I started using the mask, and I’ve been able to increase it since. I only wear this when running (1-3 times a week), but my day-to-day asthma issues have plummeted. It does get a bit warm, which might bother some people, but isn’t really an issue for me. Pre and post sale support from Respro has been quick and helpful. Pleased with my purchase.

    RESPRO’NSE: Thanks for taking the time to write a review of the Ultralight™ Mask Rob. Very pleased to hear its working for you. Keep up the training!

  8. Jacob

    Even though my allergies are quite severe in spring and early summer, I’ve always just dealt with it because I didn’t want to use an antihistamine. Whenever I’m outside riding my bike, walking my dog or doing anything most people take for granted, I was miserable with my nose, throat and lungs being consistently irritated. Sneezing, coughing up all sorts of nastiness and not having a very good time. I ordered the Ultralight with an extra set of allergy filters. The default powa valves filter every irritant perfectly. When I put on this mask I can walk through flower-filled fields and breathe perfectly. My eyes still burn like hell but that’s an easier burden to bear. Highly, highly recommended product! I wrote this review on my own volition simply because I wanted to share my experience.

    RESPRO’NSE: “Great to hear your good news. In order to reduce your symptoms further we recommend you buy some clear glasses which will stop the pollen entering your eyes causing the burning sensation. Thanks again for the review”

  9. Eugene Bann

    This is a fantastic mask that does a fantastic job blocking out fine pollution particles, is very lightweight and looks great! My daily cycle is awesome since switching from the Techno due to a much more comfortable fit. I’ve always had a metal nose clip, so I called up Respro, and they said no problem! They actually sent me the plastic nose clip a day before the metal nose clip, and I can actually say that the plastic nose clip is pretty fitting, even for my facial contours! It doesn’t slip, and it is much more comfortable. However, for the extreme, the metal is required for a guarantee that the mask will stay in place.

    Respro Customer Services are fantastic. Shipping is much faster than advertised. Simply the best, all companies should use Respro as an example! Many thanks!

    RESPRO’NSE: “Thank you for your feedback Eugene. Happy to be of service”

  10. Guillermo – Singapore

    I recently ordered an Ultralight and a Cinqro each for my wife and I. My Ultralight arrived with the nose clip broken. I am really impressed by Respro’s customer service team who without any fuss immediately dispatched a replacement, and in time for a worsening of the haze in Singapore. I’m now “looking forward” to trying the new masks. I ran with the City Mask for a few years but found it was fine in Singapore for up to an hour but beyond that the metal nose clip was a bit uncomfortable and on some runs the valve filled with perspiration.

  11. Jordan

    I live in one of the most amazing cities in the world, but unfortunately also one of the most polluted cities in the world- Beijing. I have been using the Ultra Light for 2 months and it is a everything I want in a mask for urban pollution. I often ride my bike to and from work and the valves make breathing easy. The mask is comfortable. The only problem I had was I lost 2 of the white valve pieces but Respro sent me replacements for free—-Great company!

    Highly recommend this mask if you live in a polluted urban area

  12. ilczyszyn

    I’m using this mask since May this year and its great product.I’ve switched from Nightsight for summer. This model is really suitable for warmer seasons, breathing is easier due to POWA valves and the design is awesome. I have black version and everyone compares me to ninja warrior *^___^*I recommend this model and all Respro products to my friends now as in Cracow the air is really bad. Today thanks to this mask I was able to enjoy morning run even with heavy smog!

  13. Guylaine Lanthier

    My husband and I are working in China. I have been using the ultra light mask for 1 month. I use it to run and walk. It ‘s easy to care for and to change the filters. I was most impressed with the customer service. I sent many e-mails requesting information. They responded promptly and answered all my questions. We got the masks within 2 weeks. My husband’s mask was too big. The process to exchange it was painless. Best customer service I ever experienced.

  14. G

    The mask is a top notch product. Does the job very well. Recommended for anyone who cherishes his or her lungs. I’d like a more breathable fabric—even a loose mash—with the exception of the muzzle area of course; I live in Thailand where it can be excessively hot and humid.

    A special accolade to the customer service department. The good people there provided me with a lot of useful information during the pre-sale process, and later, when I’d lost a POWA filter, supply me one free of charge. Just amazing!

  15. Nathan Roestandy

    Excellent service. The local post office took a while with the delivery but the Respro team was responsive and answered all my questions. Great product too!

  16. Sam

    Respro’s customer service has surprised and pleased me in a way I’ve never experienced before. After checking with the company about size, I bought a Large Ultralight mask several weeks ago in the UK. It arrived, but it was hard to get a seal. I emailed an enquiry about it and Respro asked me to send in some photos of me wearing it. They said that it was slightly too large after all. They immediately offered to send me a Medium, but said simply to give the Large to a deserving friend rather than to return it. Even better, when I explained that I was flying to China for an extended period after that, they shipped the new mask to China at their own cost. Quite incredible. And this story continues. When the Medium proved slightly too small, they sent me – again free of charge – a ‘mask strap’ to help hold the Large mask in place.

    Never have they asked for more money than I originally paid; never have they asked me to return anything. I’ve quite literally never come across a company like this and would recommend them to anyone who wants to buy a pollution mask. It’s about as risk free a purchase as you’ll ever make.

  17. Julian

    I ordered two Ultralight masks and unfortunately one of them didn’t fit on my friend’s face so we wanted to send the mask back. After a couple of messages Respro offered to send a new mask without any further charges nor did we have to send the not fitting mask back. So the service was incredibly good and besides the high quality of the masks I would definitely recommend them because of their very good customer service.

  18. Trish

    An absolutely seamless experience. From the well designed and easy to use website for ordering, responsive emails for sizing, to the complexities of emergency last minute “I need a mask before I go back to Cambodia”- SO THEY SENT IT TO ME EXPRESS!

    The team at Respro as prompt, efficient and highly effective. I haven’t had a chance to use the mask yet, but if it is as good at the customer service, l’m going to have the cleanest lungs in Phnom Penh.

    Thank you, Thank you, thank you! You guys are absolute superstars.

    RESPRO’NSE: Thanks for the feedback. We are happy if you are happy wink

  19. Clement

    My new respro mask is up to my expectation and I can now run and commute safely in New Delhi where pollution is sky-rocketing.

    Special thanks to the customer supports helping getting a second mask with the right size in a very effective and customer friendly way.

    happy mask owner

  20. karen

    I have severe Mast Cell Activation Syndrome. It’s an allergic condition where I can have an anaphylactic reaction to scent, smells of food, allergens such as pollen and dust, etc. I don’t venture out of the house without my mask. Recently I got a last-minute appointment with a specialist in the US. I had to fly, and my filters needed replacing- my local MEC (Mountain Equipment Co-op) was out!! So Respro sent them express. Thank-you! Made the flight possible. I use the ones with charcoal- the allergy filter will filter allergens, but doesn’t filter scent. I’m right in between sizes- so I wear the smaller one in more ‘dangerous’ environments, and when I don’t have to talk. I’ve also put in an elastic at the chin of my larger allergy mask. Works beautifully- and I can talk with it on. I’m excited about the new light-weight mask- black and army green aren’t my colours….but Sand, while boring, makes a lot more sense for me. When you wear them every day, I guess it’s okay to have more masks than shoes…..

  21. Jasper

    I live in Madrid, Spain. Temperatures can range from -10 to 45 degrees Celsius. Pollution can peak at any time of the year. In the dry months dust is a big problem as well. Whenever i went running i could only do short distances before my lungs would get irritated. Lots of coughing fits and also nausea with near vomiting were regular for me after a run.

    I bought the Ultralight mask over a year ago. At first it took some getting used to. I had to change the way a breathe a bit; a bit more “powerfull” to get the valves to do their job properly. But that change was instinctive, I did not have to think about it or practice my breathing.

    Like i said, i have been using it for over a year now. I never run without it, even when i see that pollution-levels are low, I still put it on (cause it also helps greatly against dust, and when it’s cold outside it also prevents breathing in the worst cold which is nice). From the day i started using it i haven’t had any of the coughing or nausea anymore. Because of the mask i can now train much longer. “Pre-mask” I could manage 8km with great difficulty. Now I run half marathons without a single cough.

    After using it for a year (intensively, I run ever other day with an average of about 35-40km a week) the shell has streched a bit, but it still fits quite good, so i only need to buy some new filters and valves (although i think the latter will still be OK for a while). The colour of the mask has changed a bit though. Due to sun exposure the black has turned slightly purple-ish.

    I hope that explaining my situation and telling my experiences can help people find their perfect mask. As long as i’ll live in Madrid; I’ll keep wearing the ultralight mask.

  22. Gesa

    I’m using the Ultra Light mask now for almost a year in Santiago de Chile. I’m wearing it while biking through the city and it’s great! The mask is very comfortable, even in the summer months, not too warm. It’s a relief from this smoggy city.

    After I lost the nose clip, I got to know the splendid customers service of Respro. Thanks a lot!

  23. Ilke Cochrane

    Bought the mask for a friend who says it fits very snugly and comfortably and promptly wanted a spare. As she was about to leave the country I asked if there was a Next Day Delivery option and the wonderful people at Respro made sure it was here in time at no extra cost – excellent customer service and I will definitely recommend you to anyone needing a face mask!

  24. Eva Rueckert

    I recently moved to Belgium and was unaware that parcels are sent back after 14 days by the national mail service (as oppsed to 30 days in the country I lived in previously), so the mask had to be reshiped; and as I was unable to update my Paypal account to transfer the additional shipping cost, Respro offered to send it again free of charge! Thanks a lot!

  25. T W

    Wondering why I could not be as active as I was 20 years ago, always feeling stuffed up after going into the city on my motorcycle or pumping up the hills in the farms and deserts here. Through monitoring my own habits and by my doctor mentioning that I have very sensitive immune system reacting to particles in the air, realized that I have allergies, stuff that I didn’t pay attention to when I was younger when I was a spring chicken. These masks have given me my active life back! Not cheap but necessary for quality of life. Now I can commute my motorcycle to work 80 miles whenever I want to, work out on my bicycle or go for a run often and not feel like I’m getting sick all the time after working out, sneezing repeatedly, so on and so forth. Thanks Respro!

  26. Lukasz_Barski

    Mask well made, pleasant to the touch and fits comfortably on the face. I had my doubts concerning the choice of size, but the customer service in express time, helped me choose the right one. I use a mask when traveling to work in Warsaw in a large traffic and considerable pollution. I would recommend with a clear conscience. Regards

  27. Patrick

    Great mask for humid and hot Hong Kong environments. Was told to order an XL first based on my specs, however the mask was slightly too big and Harrison from customer service asked me to submit pictures of me wearing the mask. They then sent me a free Large, and this sits perfectly. I am very impressed by this kind of customer service, BIG THANK YOU! Highly recommended company. Cheers

  28. Vincent

    I used to wear the Cinqro mask, and I recently bought the ultralight mask. The ultralight better fits on my face (both masks were L-size), I don’t have to strech it to cover completly my face (from my nose to my chin) and even the length of the straps is more adapted to me. The Ultralight is more confortable during warm weather, but both mask are excellent. Many thanks to the Respro team for their advice and their reactivity (by email). A+

  29. Andrew

    I bought this mask for running in central London. It does a good job of filtering out bad smells from traffic, smokers, etc. and is a good fit. Respro customer service have been excellent, they helped me choose the right mask, sent me a free head strap and replacement valve pieces after I lost them.

    It makes it a bit harder to breathe than normal (as expected), but I see this as a form of resistance training! I’m planning to take the mask on a trip to Beijing later this year.

  30. Paul

    In the Netherlands you cannot find a good mask. So I looked on internet and found Respro. I found this mask and asked them for the right size. Quick answer in return. I ordered and it came fast. Unfortunately, my nose was too small for the noseclip and asked for help. Respro sent me, without charge, an aluminium noseclip, including instructions on how to attach it. Now I am 100% happy and have no trouble walking in pollens and polition. As COPD patient this is quite a relief. Thank you Respro!!!

  31. Megan

    I am a trail runner in Phoenix, AZ, USA and suffer from asthma and allergies. I’m also a back of the pack-er so I literally eat everyone’s dust. This mask has been a lifesaver, my lungs don’t burn when I’m done and don’t wheeze as much. I have run in this mask when it’s over 100 deg F out (38 C), and yes, it is hot, but it’s not as hot as a buff or a bandanna. Highly recommend this for anyone running or hiking out on the trails.

  32. Paula

    I wear my Ultralight (with Techno valves) ALL THE TIME! I started with the Allergy mask but like the colors of the Ultralight better. I have MCS and this truly is a LIFE SAVER! Note: When I say all the time I don’t mean 24/7. I wear it for 20-30 minutes and then take a break. The mask provides me time to get to a safe space with quality air. Thank you RESPRO for providing a way for me to still be able to go out in public!!

  33. rp

    Thank you very much for your amazing customer service. My son will certainly pass on the goodwill (and the smaller Ultralight mask) after you kindly replaced it FOC. He cycles 30 miles daily into the centre of Manchester through heavy traffic so pollution is quite an issue.

  34. Tim from Australia

    I bought these for a winter trip to China, Mongolia and Russia. The air quality in Beijing & Ulaanbataar is notoriusly bad in winter owing to the amount of coal being burnt to heat homes and it took forgetting my Respro only once for me to learn precisely how bad that air was. After three hours in the open air of Ulaanbataar I felt as though I had just smoked a pack of 50 cigarettes and had a bit of a hacking cough. Not only did the mask filter the air but at -39 celcius, it kept me from getting frostbite as well. Really good stuff.

    Respo’nse: Cheers Time! Great to hear the mask is working well for you. Thanks for posting.

  35. Grant Robinson

    I truly can say that Respro Ultra Light is responsible for extending my life. I received a double lung transplant 2 years ago, being very susceptible to environmental hazards and was having multiple rejections and fungal infections. I had difficulty wearing masks, I could not breath out of a single valve and wearing hospital masks gave people the impression I was sick (plus useless). Since using the Respro mask I am 9 months without rejection or infection. I own 2 Ultra Light masks and while wearing I can forget I even have it on. THANKYOU RESPRO for saving me physically and mentally. USA

    RESPRO’NSE: Thank you so much for the glowing review Grant. We are very happy to hear that the mask is doing its job and you are feeling healthy and well. Here’s to continued good health and happiness.

  36. Julian

    These are a significant development on the standard masks – light and breathable – I just wish there were more colours to choose from! I need to replace mine – I left it outside overnight and a fox has away with it – so, if you see a small vulpine wearing a sand coloured Ultra Light Respro, you know where it came from!

  37. Alex

    Purchased the bandanas, the allergy and the ultralight.

    “Masks are fantastic! So much better than what is available in the US (where we don’t acknowledge chemical sensitivity). Wanted to say, the Graceland lyrics are a nice and unexpected personal touch”

  38. Mark_Smith

    I recently moved to Thailand where it is usually hot and humid. There are also a lot of pick-ups that visibly chuck out clouds of soot. How about the stuff that is not visible? I have used the ultra-light for rides of over 2 hours at 30 degrees C and although it was obviously there it was not a hindrance. My nose is larger than normal so the size that I ordered did not fit well. Very kindly the guys at Respro sent me an XL which I received today. On a ride of 2 hours, with the additional Pro-Sea,l it was genuinely comfortable and had no indication of leakage. This may seem expensive but I think it is tremendous value. Well designed and made it boosts one’s confidence to go much further in the knowledge that most of that muck is not getting into the lungs. After all, the point of cycling is to get fit.

  39. Dawit

    The Ultra Light is a great mask for somebody like me with dust and allergy issues. Have both COPD and CRPD plus asthma.

    Only issue was that I had to go to PO and stand in line for about 45 minutes to retrieve package. The PO delivery to the door basically does not work as the driver wants to get to the next address and is gone by the time one gets to the door from 5 meters away. Will try courier next time.

    RESPRO’NSE: “Thanks for your feedback and great to hear your mask is working well for you. Sorry to hear your local postage service is not the best. It really varies from country to country.”

  40. Andre

    Great product and even better service! Plastic nose clip proved to be too tight on my nose when running (good enough for walking, though). After re-checking my size, Customer Service sent me an Ultralight shell with metal nose clip, which works better for me. Mask fits well, looks cool and fabric is great for the hot and humid climate here in Bangkok.

  41. Lindsay

    This mask works wonders in the sea off traffic that is Saigon. It’s comfortable and light, I feel like a badass when I wear it and I can honestly feel the difference in my lungs when put it on. There is great air-flow and it is very breathable but it does it’s job well. The only thing I will mention is that the fit can be a bit strange. The medium is too small and the large is just a bit too large, not sure if it’s just my face type but that is one difficulty I’ve found. Customer service is outstanding and I am excited to try more products from this company. Thanks Respo!

  42. Cosmin

    (Same review posted for the mask shell but applies to this full version as well) I’ve used a Techno mask shell + Techno filter for over 2 years, bought directly from Respro 5 years ago, until one of the straps gave out (the neoprene aged and snapped). I was excited about the Ultralight mask shell new build and valves and I bought one from a local store together with a Pro-seal polymer seal. Sadly, I found the the seal was actually creating large ingress zones under the nose bridge, as I felt the air blowing in my eyes from below when exhaling (I masked the valves with my hands for a proper test). Without the seal, the mask actually fits better on the face and those ingress zones are almost gone… almost. The problem, as I see it, in both cases (with seal and without) is the fact that the nose tab for this mask variant is no longer metallic, it’s plastic. So I tried in vain to perfect the seal around my nose by bending the tab as I did for my previous Techno mask, only to find that it was a useless exercise. How did you arrive at the conclusion that the tab should no longer be metallic for this particular mask? The new design prevents an acceptable seal. As such, I can only give it 3 stars.

    RESPRO’NSE: “We appreciate that our masks are not bespoke but they do conform to specific data for heads. This allow us to get within a range of adult head sizes so that our masks can fit according to EC regulations for industry. Usually, if there is an issue regarding size or fit, the client contacts Respro® Customer Services Team to discuss the problems and to find a possible solution. Had you contacted us first, we would have been able to provide a mask shell with a metal nose clip to be fitted to an Ultralight mask shell (this is an option on our website). The reason we have two types of nose clip is so that we can broaden the scope of the mask to cover different nose shapes and sizes across the globe. If you would like to contact customer services with regards to your issue then I’m sure they will be able to offer an alternative to your current situation.”

  43. Dan

    I used it first time at music festival where there was so much dust kicking in the air that it literally blocked the sun. I had just come off of Pneumonia and I didn’t want to get sick again. The mask worked excellent and I was able to come home without being sick. I can also say that it helped with the nightmare like festival porta potties that made me gag without the mask. I can also attest that when someone was smoking any kind of substance literally next to me I couldn’t smell it. Sadly I lost my mask but I just bought another one because it was so good.

  44. ian_white1

    Terrible company, terrible product. One mask doesn’t fit like others I bought and they wont refund. Sent pictures of discrepancies in sizes and they dont budge. DO NOT BUY FROM RESPRO: – RESPRONSE: “You were sent a response from our CS team and your Paypal claim was not upheld. As detailed on our website the Ultralight material is different from the Cinqro material (elasticated polyester mesh vs Neoprene) The mesh material on the Ultralight has more initial stretch. The decal on the sides of the Cinqro mask temporarily reduce the elasticity of the material. You can pre-stretch the Neoprene and use the extra velcro extension strip provided with each mask should it be required. The mask face fit on each sized mask is exactly the same NB: We do not delete bad comments. We close them to the public until our CS team get a chance to respond-thank you- it is only fair that both sides of the story are made public”

  45. shadeingrey

    Having the straps under the ears makes the mask slide down. The thing holding it in place is the nose clip which makes it quite uncomfortable for the nose. For the price charged I’d expect better technology and at least a few extra filters. Capitalism at its best I guess: RESPRO’NSE: Have you contacted our customer service team yet? They can help advice with position of mask on the face. There is also a Respro top adjustable headstrap if required. Please contact the CS team for advice.

  46. cubicinches

    Bought an Ultralight to go with my open face helmet for motorcycling, after having cheap ones off Ebay for years. I submitted my measurements and Respro recommended an XL. It’s a perfect fit, well made, and excellent overall, thank you. RESPRO’NSE: Thank you for your feedback. Much appreciated

  47. thbeermail

    I own a LOT of ffp3 masks and are using the respro Cinqro for quite a time. the ultra is VERY convenient and has double protection agains biological and industrial hazards. very good and convenient customer support!

  48. pietro.butte

    Import taxes for European citizens!! On an order of 149 GBP, I had to pay 77 Euros extra of VAT, import duties and Fedex services!! RESPRO’NSE: Please contact our CS team in order to help Respro understand why you have been charged. This is not the same for all EU citizens. Thank you.


    After 2 years of using disposable N95 masks in the busy traffic of Accra Ghana, where vehicles frequently spew black clouds, I now feel much safer with this excellent face mask! It fits so well, and there’s no seepage around the edges. I can breathe really easily and it’s very comfortable. The service has been excellent too. I was kind of anxious about making a choice cos there are so many masks, and Harrison was there every step of the way with advice and quick responses. I am so grateful. The sizing service is also very useful. Thank you team Respro!

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