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Bandit™ Scarf


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Red Mask

The Respro® Bandit™ Scarf screens against nuisance dusts and odours. It incorporates our Dynamic ACC (DACC™) filter which is strategically placed around the breathing area and laminated between the cotton material of the scarf.

The Bandit™ has been made to last for at least six months, with the filter being specially treated to be fully washable.

It is a comfortable and convenient product, suitable for both summer and winter riding conditions.

Note: This mask SHOULD NOT be used where a device complying with European Directive 89/686 or 89/656 is required (i.e. industrial environments). It should only be used to reduce discomfort caused by exposure to coarse, non-toxic particles where the concentrations do not exceed the National permissible exposure limit. For products complying with European Directive 89/686, see our Streetsmart™ range here

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  • Easy 'Bandana' Style fit
  • DACC™ charcoal filter
  • 100% cotton
  • One size fits all
  • Washable
  • Easy to fit and comfortable to use
  • Filters out dust and dirt in the air
  • Low-cost maintenance
  • Accommodates all adults
  • Lasts at least six months
  • Commuting on motorcycles
  • Cycling
  • Walking
  • DIY
  • Gardening
  • Mucking out

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I got two of these masks in 1992 at work, a wildland firefighter.  I’ve used them ever since and need to add more.  I’ve been wearing this here in the U.S. for the Covid-19, as well as homemade ones.  Highly recommend these.



Resurrected my skulls scarf as a Covid facemask here in France, and I get asked every day where I bought it.  I need to buy more for the family, both for biking and for shopping!!!



I use daily and its really effective in London on my cycle commute, just wish it was a little longer at the back of the head. Its quite hard to tie if you have a average sized head!

RESPRO’NSE: Thanks for your feedback. We haven’t heard this from other customers but I will pass your comment on to our design team for consideration. Much appreciated.



I have chemical sensitivities so I’ve carried my mask with me wherever I’ve gone the past 15 years.  I Love It!!  It’s amazing how much pollution it blocks out.  And it’s comfortable too.  I’ve had a little issue with the knot in the back, but the benefits totally out weight a small inconvenience.  And I also love that I can wash it.  Thank you so much for creating this simply way of avoiding unhealthy air.



I bought one around 10 to 12 years ago for motorcycle use. Looking for another now. Mine is so weathered it has leather tied to the back so i can do it up (velcro good idea) only mistake is I put it through the wash at 9 years old and it didn’t handle that to well but it is still going. Great mask!



Overall the product has lived up to my expectations and I am happy that I have had the choice of an affordable product that has quality. As for the things that give me a little trouble: It presses my nose down in the middle making my nostrils smaller and thus not permitting me to breathe as I’d like. This in results in fatigue. I may have to note that 1) I ride a trekking bike, so my riding position is leaning forward in comparison to a city bike and 2) My nose is not tiny;)

RESPRO’NSE- ” The mask should be resting on the bridge of your nose and nowhere near the nostrils. Please see our video on how to correctly fit a Respro mask here:

The other difficulty I have is with the knot and my long hair. I need to tie it under my hair (because if I tie it over my hair, it slips out of place) and I end up grabing a lot of hair in the knot.

RESPRO’NSE- ” Yes, this is the correct way to wear the mask under your hair not on top”

I need to say that overall the product was better than I expected it to be and it’s something I would reccomend for an affordable but not “cheap” solution.



Great product, only why not make it with velcro in back like the extreme mask for ease of done & undoning it. Then it would be perfect for use on the motorcycle. I will have a seamstress to sew on some velcro. It needs this for ease of use.

RESPRO’NSE: Thanks for your comments and thoughts on adding some Velcro to the Bandit Scarf. Unlike the rest of the Respro® Mask range the Bandit scarf is made of cotton so therefore does not stretch. This means that each user requirement will be different. The tie solution seems to be the best solution we have found to date but we are always looking to improve our products and will take it into consideration”“



The Bandit Scarf works nicely and most of our customers are happy with it. The only thing we hear constantly from our female customers is that the colors are so strong. In Finland people do not want to stand out from the mass so customers ask for colors like, natural white or beige and pink rose.

Some motorcycling people have complaint that because of the knot in the neck, the scarf can be difficult to wear with a helmet. Most are happy with the product though.

RESPRON’SE: “We use the darker colors because bikers usually prefer them. However we are bringing colour into our new range of Masks so the Bandit just might have a few new additions coming up too!”



I have tested the scarf under the worst conditions possible, I guess: We are currently in China! The air pollution here is sometimes so bad that you can actually feel the dirt in your mouth. So I used the mask on an almost daily basis last winter, and even though wearing a mask is never pleasant, this one is comfortable to wear. I also like the design, and it earns me many a puzzled look. A proper city bandit!



These are very good. They’re quite comfortable to wear & the adjustable nose clip doesn’t “bite” into the nose. It does keep road debris & insects out of the nose & mouth which is great. In the winter they do keep the nose & mouth warm as it traps the warm air being breathed out.



I purchased the bandit scarf and although I do like it, it is hard to tie.  The scarf could be a little longer to go around the head for a secure fit.

RESPRO’NSE: “Happy to hear you like the bandit. The fitting depends on the size of your head there will be less material to tie”



I purchased my Bandit Scarf while working as a close protection specialist in Kabul, Afghanistan, a city with some of the worst air quality in the world. Prior to my purchase (please, excuse this crude description), I would blow my nose and black gunk would fill the tissue. Wearing my Bandit Scarf eliminated this unpleasantness. Thank you for a great product. I’m preparing to head back there, and will be ordering a new one (or two) soon.



Had my bandit red diamond scarf for I think 21 or 22 years, it still works 100%. this product is amassing and important, is fits.
Hit the summer ....

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