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The Techno™, our awesome general purpose urban mask.

  • Rapid Airflow Valve System (RAVS™)
  • Combination filter for chemical and particle filtration
  • Velcro® fastening
  • Made from Neoprene

For general use in major cities, we recommend the Techno™ mask. The filter in the Techno™ mask combines the Sports Hepa-Type™ filter for sub-micron particulate pollutants, with a DACC™ layer for filtering gases and vapours. This combination provides increased performance covering a broader spectrum of pollutants commonly found in urban environments.

Working in conjunction with specifically designed Techno™ valves to improve airflow performance, these new features make the Techno™ mask a very versatile product.

Note: This mask SHOULD NOT be used for INDUSTRIAL APPLICATIONS where a device complying with European Directive 89/686 or 89/656 is required. It should only be used to reduce discomfort caused by exposure to, non-toxic particles where the concentrations do not exceed the National permissible exposure limit for the work place. For devices complying with European Directive 89/686, see our CE certified range here.


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38 reviews for Techno™ Mask

  1. Ed

    Thank you for great service. However, I find the mask too difficult too breathe and am not using it except in very dusty conditions. Also too much sweating. Adjustment to face is ok, not easy, but ok. RESPRO’NSE: “Thank you for your comment Ed. We are sorry to hear you are finding it difficult to breathe through your Techno Mask. Like most new things, masks take a while to get used to wearing. The more you use it, the more comfortable it becomes. Also, if your breathing rates are elevated for periods of time, you may consider upgrading the valves on your mask to our new POWA Elite valves which are designed for sports people in mind”

  2. Vito

    I am very satisfied

  3. Donald

    I live in the United States US. and on my last order I ordered two new filers for my Techno mask and only received one filter. Can you make this right. Thanks for your attention on this matter. PS I have Reactive Airway Disorder and your product as been a God sent. I can now leave my home without fear on having a reaction due to pollution in the air. Thanks again RESPRON’SE: ” Donald, thanks for bringing this to our attention. Our warehouse has been informed and will be in contact with you directly”

  4. Sandra

    Hello, this mask is so great!… It really does it job and protects me! I only have an issue with the size: as I’m very tinny, it doesn’t fit me (M size) so I need to attach it on the top of my head to get it on my skin and breathe filtered air. I would really need a S size, please create it for all of us who are small and also for children! Thanks!…

    RESPRO’NSE: “Thanks Sandra. Glad to hear the mask is working for you. Watch this space for smaller masks for kids coming soon to Respro”

  5. Fernando

    Glad I found you! After lot of research (…), I am satisfied with your product, I highly recommend !! Best wishes!

    RESPRO’NSE: “Thank you”

  6. Pavel Popoca

    Wonderful product: functional, comfortable and aesthetic. I also use it in concerts against cigar smoke.

  7. Callum

    I’ve been using my mask on and off for nearly a year and it’s done a great job keeping the pollution out of my lungs. I’ve recently started wearing it again to keep the icy weather of my face while cycling, though I’ve run into a problem. As soon as I get up to speed my eyes start watering. This happens exclusively when I’m wearing my mask whether or not I’m wearing my glasses, too. I believe the mask fits fine but it seems to be sending air into my eyes which is a massive bother as I’ve got the temptation to wipe them frequently while riding. Could anyone at Respro give me some advice on remedying this?

    RESPRONSE:“Callum, please put your glasses on after you put on your mask. Also make sure the nose clip is sitting firmly on the bridge of your nose. Try to avoid wearing hard plastic rimmed glasses as these have no give or flexibility around the nose area”

  8. Erik

    Just ordered this mask before the massive inversion hit us here in Salt Lake City. UT. We constantly get some of the worst air in the country, and sometimes the world on the extremely bad days. You can google ‘utah bad air’ and you will see what I’m talking about. I ordered the Techno mask, and it’s absolutely amazing. I can walk around outside and not smell or taste any of the pollution stricken air. It’s a life saver. My wife just ordered one too!

    RESPRO’NSE: “Excellent news Erik! Utah has been on the Respro® radar for sometime now. The air may be polluted there but you don’t have to be.Good choice of mask!”

  9. Rui

    Do you have any S size masks? The smallest size we can select is middle. My girlfriend need a small size one. Thank you!

    RESPRO’NSE: “Please email providing your girlfriends height and weight for a recommendation on the correct size mask that will be best for her”

  10. Alex

    I have been using techno masks for years now. I am cycling almost everyday in Paris but I think I would have stopped if I hadn’t the mask. Before I used to hold my breath before entering a smog of pollution but combined with the effort it felt like I was drowning. Now I breathe regularly which improved my performances as I feel protected from traffic pollution. Besides, the mask is also an excellent protection for your face against cold weather and sun burn wink

    RESPRO’NSE: “Cheers Alex! Great to hear that you are making the most of your mask while riding in the heavily polluted streets. Paris, like London, can be a cyclist worst nightmare. Keep up the good work and happy cycling”

  11. Roxane

    I have multiple chemical sensitivity and migraine disease—which is why I purchased this item. I need something I can wear “hands free” over my nose/mouth to prevent me from inhaling others’ perfumes, new carpet odors, and cleaning residue in the office building I work in. My only complaint about this mask is that it smells strange (like a tire warehouse), and because of that I cannot wear it for more than 10 minutes at a time before I start getting nauseous from this odor. Have tried leaving it out in the open to “air it out” but doesn’t seem to be very effective. So, I find I am still having to carry around my handkerchief!

    RESPRO’NSE: “Roxane, thank you for your review. For any residual smell that might be on the mask we suggest you wash the shell (not the filter) in your normal washing procedure. The filter can be soaked in a pan of boiling water and then left to dry. This will solve the problem and you will be able to wear your mask again”

  12. petkodp

    I’m 90kg, 190cm. According to the table I’m totally for XL. But when I got the mask, well, it’s enormous. I only manage to fix it to the top of my head, with handles above the ears. I think that even M will fit me. Better don’t trust the table and contact customer care in all cases.

    RESPRO”NSE: “Thanks for taking the time to write. We are sorry to hear your mask is too big. As stated on the sizing table, this is only a guide to sizing for the ‘average’ sized person. If you are unsure, we always recommend you contact customer services with more detailed information on your neck size (shirt size) your head size (hat size) and your height. email:

  13. Peter

    I have a rare chronic condition called Irritable Larynx Syndrome (similar to RADS), which causes my throat to close up if I am exposed to levels of air pollution that most other people would consider “normal”. Being exposed to a chemical in 2010 didn’t help, and I was house-bound with little hope of living a normal life until I found Respro.

    With my Techno mask I’m able to traverse even the more polluted areas of my city without issue. Finally I can get a normal job and I have a chance at having a future again.

    Thanks, Respro.

    RESPRO’NSE: ” Peter, thanks so much for taking the time to write. Stories like yours make our job all the more worth while”

  14. Paul

    I didn’t know when I arrived in Taichung, Taiwan that the air pollution was going to be so bad. We do have the dubious honour of hosting the world’s largest coal-fired power plant blasting its pollutants into our lungs. Soon after beginning to cycle to work I developed a very bad cough, despite using a variety of readily-available masks. As soon as I started researching better options I came across Respro and tracked down a supplier. Without my Techno I’d honestly not be able to cycle to work at all. The pollution is so severe that I’m already planning to move to cleaner climes but the Respro will still accompany me.

  15. JAMES

    I learned about RESPRO after a stay in hospital early this year. I have been dealing with worsening asthma for a few years. My work place is in an industrial area with a cement plant that transfers cement from rail road cars to silos then to semi trucks for transport. South of that is and old landfill that is arid and dusty. There is usually northerly breeze that comes right into the shop where I work. I used a less expensive mask as a test for use in my work. I found that this was the type mask for me. I purchased the techno mask because its fine particle filtration. It is so much better than the one used for the test. Easy on and off with a great fit. I highly recommend a RESPRO mask to anyone that works or lives in a dusty environment or southwest dessert . I plan on ordering 1 or 2 more in the future for home and my truck. This is the BEST prevention investment for my breathing health I feel I can make.

  16. L

    I got this mask for allergy relief while I’m out and about walking the dogs and such. I get my fair share of weird looks living in a little town in the middle of the Alps, but the mask really makes the difference. I can finally go out in nature to walk and hike without having to worry about the pollen making my life miserable. The mask is not the easiest fit, even following the instructions for now it’s still a bit of hit and miss. Sometimes it fits comfortably, some other times the metal clasp just slide down my nose, doesn’t matter what I do, and close it up, but I guess more than anything else is a matter of keep on using it and finding the little adjustments that one needs to make it fit good. Even in the best days I think that wearing it for more than two hours or so, at least while hiking and moving around, would start to be really uncomfortable, but I still have to put it to test.

    RESPRO’NSE: Great to hear that the mask is working well for you. You are right regarding testing and trying what’s the most comfortable position for you while wearing your mask. Everyone has different head shapes/types and it does take a while to adjust to hearing a mask. But as you say the benefits are there already. Please see our youtube channel ‘respromasks’ for videos on correct placement and other mask related instructional videos.

  17. Aisling

    Seems an incredible product given what’s out there. Can’t use it until we get back to Indonesia but I have faith this will do the trick.

  18. Yoshi

    The Techno Gold Filter inside the Techno mask combines the sub-micron performance of the Sports filter with the dynamic adsorption capacity of the City filter. The increase in filtration using the Techno Gold filter ensures that the best of both filters can be gained, giving cumulative filtration capacity for the user in the urban environment.

  19. bigbeut075

    I am using the City mask for 2 winter seasons now. It serves it purpose great! Biking, walking. I just bought the Techno and hope it will arrive soon. My City is also in need for new filters. Bought them too. Really I hope the gear will arrive soon. The air in Cracow is UNBREATHABLE! Seriously guys. Stay away from the city in winter. Hopefully the politicians will see the problem when money from the tourists wil stop flowing. Respro – you are doing a great job! Really saving lives!

  20. Liz

    I am disappointed with my new Respro mask. I carefully checked the sizing chart and fit easily within the “M” category. However the chart blatantly does not cater for differences between male and female face shapes. The Respro is comfortable enough, but it is far too large, and does not create a seal around my face – rendering it ineffective. Having just started cycling in London, I am very disappointed with the outcome, having invested in the quality.

    RESPRO’NSE: “Thanks for taking the time to write. We are sorry to hear your mask is too big. As stated on the sizing table, this is only a guide to sizing for the ‘average’ sized person. If you are unsure, we always recommend you contact customer services with more detailed information on your neck size (shirt size) your head size (hat size) and your height. email: they will confirm the size and resolve your problem”.

  21. 526864480

    Great customer service overall although it’s a bit slow. l got a large Techno by using the size guidance, but the mask is just too big to fit my face. Contacted customer service and got a replacement for a smaller size. Looking forward to try the new one!

  22. Jamie

    I bought the Techno mask back in 2007. I’ve used it for bicycling mostly. In the winter time when the air is cold it gives facial protection from cold and also filters out pollutants. In spring time when air quality is bad because of dust, it filters dust and fumes out effectively. It has done it’s trick fairly well.

  23. Tobias

    I bought a Respro Techno mask for everyday use in polluted China. I was concerned about the mask’s fitting so I contacted the customer service.

    They replied quickly and were both helpful and very friendly. In the end they were able to sort out my problems.

    Keep up the great customer service! Tobias

  24. Jack

    I`m very exited to use my new mask. I haven’t worn it yet but im so happy that this product exists. There was a miss-communication with my order and I got very frustrated but their customer service review was great! they fedex me to mexico something I requested, and i really appreciated. I hope the product works well, I already tried the mask without the valves and seems to fit well. super necessary if you want to be an outdoor athlete in a polluted city! Thank You!

  25. Seph

    Much satisfied with my Techno mask. I’m surprised at how grey the filter has become in just 3 days! No wonder I kept getting sinus related illnesses in the past year. I’m never walking out in the city without my mask again. Thank you Respro! Planning to buy new skins and filters soon.

    RESPRO’NSE: “Thanks for your feedback. Glad to hear the mask is doing its job”

  26. Martin

    Very pleased with quick response and delivery of a free spare part.

  27. mrtxdanderson

    I ordered one last night and made a mistake with the size of the spare filters I ordered. They emailed me to ask if it was a mistake – most companies would have just sent them. Cannot wait to be sat on the tube with my mask watching everyone stare while they breathe in that dense yellow metallic dust caused from the tube train metal on metal braking. I haven’t been able to breathe properly in London. In the streets all you breathe is bus gases or diesel fumes, I feel constantly sick. Thank you Respro.

  28. Lucas

    Początek konwersacji na czacie

    1,5 tys. użytkowników lubi to Sprzedawca produktów turystycznych i sportowych 30 STYCZNIA 15:47 Hi Respro, I just want to Thank you guys for the awesome job you’re doing. I live in Krakow (Cracow), Poland. We have a huge smog problem. Without your mask I wouldn’t be able to survive my daily commute. Also Thanks to the Techno I don’t have the coughing problem anymore. THX!

  29. Tania

    I have been using the TECHNO mask for 2 months and you should see how dirty the white filter is now. Happy the grey dust on the mask is not in my lungs! Thanks RESPRO for the useful and affordable pruduct.

  30. Ben

    I never thought the London air was that bad, but after a few articles on the subject I decided to test a mask. After a couple of months I needed a replacement part and stopped wearing it whilst waiting for the part. I could immediately taste the air. I don’t think it will be long before everyone is wearing these. Excellent customer service when I needed it too.

  31. jan

    I’m a motorcyclist. I use my bike to commute and cover about 400 km (250 miles) a week, partly on the highway, partly through dense city traffic. The Respro Techno Mask, that I’ve been wearing for one month now, protects me from inhaling car fumes and other pollutants. The smells I experience on the road are reduced drastically. I recommend all motorcyclists to get one as a common-sense protection tool (like protective clothes, shoes, helmet and ear plugs). One thing needs to be mentioned though. A modular helmet (or an less safe open-face helmet) is in my opinion necessary (I wear a Nolan N43) , since putting on a full face helmet while wearing the mask is a huge hassle. Be safe and enjoy your ride.

  32. Christian Le Moine

    I use the mask in Qatar. When I started cycling I felt getting a cough. Went to see a specialist who confirmed, lungs are suffering from pollution, creating an allergy. So I decided to go for a mask. I checked all the reviews and went for the Respro mask. I started using it a week ago. (My purchase was done beginning of the year if not mistaken) but due to the hot weather, it was impossible to start using it before. Temperatures just slowly started dropping. The first time, it felt uncomfortable and I had problems breathing when cycling. The second day went smooth. I can breath normally through the mask. The only thing still kind of uncomfortable is the nose piece. It kind rubs on the nose. For the rest, pretty happy with the result. After service and response to questions are prompts and helpful. Recommended supplier.

  33. spenceromano

    I have to commend Harrison of Customer Service (who patiently answered all my enquiries, suggested the right size for me, and essentially sold me Respro as a brand), and Respro Logistics (for swift response, and transparency on the shipping) for being a great pre-sales, and after sales support!

    Love my mask, it takes getting used to but after just a couple of days of use (walking around some polluted streets near bus stops), I could really feel the difference.

    Now I’m thinking of my second purchase, having Respro, makes me more confident in thinking of running around the city, instead of the treadmill!

  34. Lise

    Since I ordered my Techno mask, it is doing much more than protecting my lungs from pollution. I can finally walk outside without having to hold my breathe.

    Here in Istanbul, many people smoke and they smoke a lot. I ordered this mask because I was fed-up with passive smoking and going through what I call “breathing stress” such as holding my breathe or changing my path to avoid the smoke clouds (I walk a lot). I can also stay at work when people on other floors smoke. It’s forbidden but they do not care. Your product has removed such a big stress I’ve been living with since I am in this city.

    Icing on the cake: the mask covers my face and I am protected against the people who take picture of women without their consent, which is a widespread habit among tourists here.

    Your product has changed my life. Thank you dearly

  35. SG

    Got a techno plus for brush fires (I live in Los Angeles). I’m using it at work since I’m an ICU nurse and most hospitals won’t give us N95s until we get a patient with Coronavirus or other disease that requires airborne protection. It’s very comfortable, even after a 12 hour shift. I know we are supposed to use disposable masks for occupational use but there just aren’t enough out there right now. As a bonus, I stopped sneezing at work.

  36. ADSeymour

    I am a US-NYC litigation attorney with 5 children. 4 of us have severe allergy/sinus issues that have haunted us for decades. I first used a Respro Techno mask some 15 or so years ago and have been using Respro masks for myself and my children ever since. The masks work extremely well, are easy to wear and are of the finest quality. I have found Respro to be ‘off the charts’ in trustworthiness, responsiveness and integrity. They care about results and always ‘go the extra mile’. Respro’s rapid responsiveness, quality of product and integrity are just some of the many reasons that I have been using Respro products now for almost two decades. Trust Respro and you will NOT be disappointed.

  37. nicholasrepucci

    If you commute to work on your bicycle, this mask will change your life!

  38. jwilliams25493

    I cycle around London a lot, and the anti-pollution aspect of the mask is great. However, I find the design quite uncomfortable. The straps go below the ears, so I find the strap is quite low on the back of the head (and slips down if it goes higher no matter how tight it is), meaning most of the masks weight is pushing on my nose. Because there isn’t any padding there, it’s pretty uncomfortable. I guess that’s the design though. RESPRO’NSE: Have you been in touch with our CS team yet? They can offer you several suggestions to help with the position of our mask. We also offer a top adjustable head strap that will help with the stability of the mask while cycling. Please get in touch for more information. we are there to help and assist.

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